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Mother's Day

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I had a relaxing Mother's Day just DH, SS18 and the furbabies.

DH got me flowers and furbabies got me earrings.

SS18 gave me a lovely gift which I wasn't expecting. He said it was from both SS23 and him but DH told me later that he picked it out himself.

SS18 left in the afternoon to spend time BM, SF, SS23 and SS23's GF.

I got a half text from SS23 - "Happy mother"  

When SS18 got back he told me that SS23 and GF would stop by later today or tomorrow.

Well...they didn't stopp by yesterday or Sunday night. But then I figured as much.

I texted SS23 last night thanking him for the thoughtful gift and apologizing for not thanking him earlier but I thought I'd thank him in person when I saw him, as SS18 said he and GF would be stopping by.

I got a response that it got late on Sunday at his mom's and GF's mom's houses and they were tired.

I didn't respond back - Why bother?

Then GF texted hoping I had a nice Mother's Day.

I told her it was fine and that I hoped she had a nice day with her Mom and SS23's mom.

Haven't heard a peep out of either since.

I had a nice day with DH and SS18 and that's what really matters.




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I am glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day with your husband and SS18..furbabies too. Smile


(why bother IS right)...