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SS22 Will he accept an offer of employment?

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SS22 applied for and was offered a position at the company he is interning at, but at 60K (annual) he feels the offer is too low and is considering not accepting.

I asked him why he felt it was too low and he said his friends received offers between 70K-75K. I asked, friends with higher GPAs? I got no answer.

I asked him if the other companies he interviewed had extended offers. SS22 - no other company has. This is the only offer.

I asked him if he knew why he wasn't getting any offers and SS22 said it's because he didn't do internships in automotive mechanical engineering. I told him that was fair. (Got the stink eye for that comment.)

It was at that point DH lost it and asked him when he was going to grow up. DH said if you plan on continuing to live here after graduation you are paying rent, period. You will also be contributing to this house by doing yard work and other chores. I have let you be lazy for too long.

DH got a look of shock from SS22.

SS22 then whined about GF wanting him to pass on the offer because it's not in the city where she goes to college. She is about an hour away.

DH said zero income or 60k, will GF be supporting you? Are you planning on getting married?

SS22 said he didn't know if they were going to get married.

DH then said you both need to grow up. You need to be on your own, living alone and paying your own bills. You don't need to make her your mommy and she doesn't need to make you her daddy.

DH also went on to tell him that he could support a family on a 60K salary and that he is being stupid. 

Here's the kicker - the company makes brakes and parts for race cars, the job is in the research and development department, SS22 is currently in the quality control department and doesn't like it. So in theory this job could get SS22 the experience he needs to get his dream job, but he feels the salary is beneath him. Whatever.

The offer expires close of business tomorrow. 



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Kids these days expect the universe, without doing the work.

Good luck - I hope he takes it and loses the dummy gf.

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He needs to be out.

And true to form SS22 left our house after this conversation and has been bouncing between GF's parents house and BM's house.

BM also texted DH last night to ask him if he knew about the offer. DH said that BM and SF had an almost identical conversation with SS22 and accepting the offer.

All four parents are on the same page - it's got to be killing SS22.


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I work in high tech and that's a really good salary for his position and the type of company. He will learn a TON and if he volunteers to do some programming, even if it's to streamline QA, he will keep his skills up and be able to move over if that's what he wants. I would bet no other job offer will even come close to that if he tries to find another one.

And, it's been true for me and my friends that you need a job to get a job. He's much more likely to get the job he wants if he takes the job that's offered (and then keeps sending out resumes).

It's amazing how salaries have increased. One of my skids is a bagger at a grocery store while in HS and he makes more per hour than I did at my first out-of-college job years ago.

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Wow BettyRay, your DH really showed his spine! And how great that BM and her H are on the same page!!

Please update us soon. 

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Good for your DH!

FWIW, my sister and her boyfriend both took jobs out of college that had lower salaries than they thought were appropriate, but they figured they needed to get a foot in the door.  They've been working less than 2 years, and my sister has gotten a promotion and a 56% salary increase, and her boyfriend (who is a mechanical engineer) has seen his salary increase almost 60%. They're now well above what they expected. Taking the jobs to get a foot in the door and then impressing their employers  was a good move for them.

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I would tell him if he declines, he has 30 days to get out.  He can learn the hard way and his parents would be doing him a favor.

I would still want a timeline for launch if he accepts.  60k is plenty to live on his own.

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Frankly, with an offer of 60k, he needs to GTFO anyhoo...

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60K = having a job and being an average working drone

(not good for Genewation Speshul Snowflake)

0$ = not having to work

(perfect for the "work averse")

My money is on the turning it down and listening to his ever so wise GF.

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What a jackass! If I was offered $60k I’d quit being a housewife and take the job offer. That’s more than double what I earned as a secretary. $60k would help me, DH and our real kids.

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This is SD15 in five years. Exactly. To this day every job offered to her is not good enough. Babysitting, yard pick up, laundry (not just hers but basic stuff like towels and sheets), even easy online data entry jobs DH found her...all not good enough.

Because she would have to work. You know, work. 

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degree you can only get the mid to high 40,000. Unless you’re an engineering, medicine, dentistry  graduate, expect around the 40K mark.

my husband has a really great salary, but he’s worked 30 yrs at his company and tisen up the corporate ranks and runs his company. He has a salary most would dream of. I can just imagine cocky ss graduating university and demanding a $10,000 per month salary when base would be around $2,500 per month if lucky. 

Where we live alot of managers and hr complained that the graduates coming out now (gen z and the ones born in latter half of the 1980s) have such egotistical behaviour, sass, attitudes, unrealistic demands/expectations and over exaggerate on their resume often. 

They come out saying i have a degree and expect 10,000 salary per month when the salary is like 2,000. When the interviewer asks why should we pay you more well above the average salary as you’re average they say i speak english well (but in interview its barely understandable), they reiterate they have a degree (so what every other applicant for the job has as its the basic requirement), they claim they’re amazing and deserve that salary. It actually pisses off the interviewer having to sit through that stupidity.

one of hubbys niece askes if hubby could employ her husband (an electrician) he was made redundant, there was a recession and he had basic qualifications like a basic diploma. He was demanding a higher salary than what he got, like $6000 per month which is what a head chargeman would get. Hubby told off his niece that even uni graduates with a business degree are averaging $2,500-3000 max per month and your husband has no engineering degree and he’s crazy to think he’s worth more than $1500-2000 a month. Niece couldn’t answer back... 

people raised a privileged life don’t understand the concept of working your way up... they wanna go straight to the top without doing the time..

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I don't know...maybe he's smart for holding out for better. We also live in the Midwest and my DH started out very near $60k with a mere AA in software development. I would think a full blown engineer would start out with better pay? Of course we have the highest standard of living in the Midwest, so I can't speak for say...Iowa.

His attitude is something else, however. Someone should tell him the sooner he accepts a starter job, the sooner his income earning potential will increase. Once he has two or three years of experience, he can expect six figures.

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If I recall, don't you live in a podunk town in Minnesota?  Highest standard of

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Dad can tell him, you can only live at home for whatever, 3 months after graduation.   Let the kid make his own decisions, mistakes and all.  He will be fine.  

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Well, did he take fhe job?  I hope he did.  Sitting around unemployed does not look attractive to other potential employers.