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OT - DH Interview Update

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A few people have asked, so I wanted to post an update on DH's interviews.

The "shoe in" confirming interview never happened 2 Fridays ago. The HR department called him a few days before with concerns about salary. They were worried the pay they could offer was too low, or he would take the job and leave for higher pay after a year. DH explained that he understands this is a change in industry (sort of - from banking to consulting in the banking industry) and a change in position, so he understands a pay cut and is OK with the salary range they've been discussing. HR didn't realize he was unemployed I guess so they were surprised to find out when he explained that is part of his willingness to accept the pay cut.

HR lady said she has to get some OKs internally and she will let him know. Then nothing. Friday, the day his interview was supposed to take place, he emailed her to follow up. She said "I should know more mid-next week. Mid-next week (this week) he had still heard nothing. He followed up with the last guy in NY who he interviewed with, and he said "A lot of people are out this and last week for PTO for their kids spring break, so I can tell you our HR and our department up here is pretty sparse. I expect we will keep this moving forward next week when everyone is back in" and that made us feel soooooo much better. Then, later that evening, HR lady emailed. She was apologetic and said the high up guy who approves moving forward is out on PTO all week, but he would be back in next week and she would get back to him. So thankfully, that is still alive.

In the meantime, the day of his stent surgery, the CIO of a large regional bank reached out to him to interview. They had been corresponding a bit just casually, but now a position is open and she is very interested in him for it. It took a bit to get a date scheduled, since CIOs are very busy, but he now has an interview on April 3rd!

He had a first round interview a few weeks ago with another company and has heard nothing. He talked to the recruiter, and the company is EXTREMELY slow moving so she doesn't know when the next step will be. They are finishing up a few other interviews (so I guess DH didn't wow them enough that they wanted to move forward with just him) but I guess he is still in the running.

The first consulting job would probably be best. He would travel a bit throughout the northeast for consulting, but his base would either be our house or the office in Philly, a 15 minute walk from our house (and 2 blocks from my office!) Even though it is a cut from what he used to make, it is still a great salary. We are not expecting him to get what he used to make considering he's been unemployed the last 2 years. The Regional bank role would be a good opportunity potentially, and would involve a 20-35 minute drive commute, just out of the city and over the bridge to New Jersey.

The slow moving company role would be the worst....a45 minute commute with NO traffic on one of the worst roads out of our city. The traffic is terrible so it would probably be close to an hour and a half each way, not good.

Fingers crossed the consulting gig gets back to him next week and wants to do the final confirming interview and make an offer!