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OT - DH Job Update

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Good news everyone! BM2 works for the big consulting firm DH interviewed for in an HR-type role. She checked in the system and his status had been changed to pending offer!!!! She texted us so excited. As much as a PITA she was during court to lower child support, she's been much nicer since. I think seeing DH sit on the stand and have every dime he has spent scrutinized in the last 2 years made her realized he isn't lying....he has had no income coming in and we really are just spending what little savings we have almost entirely on child support.

Anyway, the consulting firm emailed him yesterday

"Hi CBCharlotte's DH,

I am following up because the conversations you had with {NYC managing director) and S{NYC Managing Director Counterpart} were positive, and we (me and our Financial Services hiring lead) would like to move the process forward and discuss next steps with you. What is your availability over the next few days? Please let me know and we will schedule a call. Looking forward to hearing from you soon."


That means verbal offer and start the negotiation process! HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had an amazing first round interview with a regional bank here and funny enough was more excited for that role than the consulting role. He is calling the bank today and telling them he has an offer pending to see if they want to speed up the process and meet again to make him an offer. However, if they can't do that, he will be taking the consulting job. When it rains it pours. I will keep you all updated once he gets the actual offer, we are hoping it is pretty good. The job will have him traveling 70% of the time, primarily in the northeast. We are in Philly, and they have a lot of clients in Philly, Wilmington (about 40 mins drive) or NYC (easy train ride) so he will likely spend most of his time around here, we hope. The bank job would be a 35-45 minute commute each way to New Jersey.

I am so happy I could cry. June 10th would be 2 years since DH got laid off, and it has been a ton of stress on my shoulders. As many of you know, the years have been challenging.....moving states, not-as-successful-as-we'd-hoped CS modification, my grandfather's death, DH heart attack..... we could desperately use a break. Thanks all for the kind words over the years.


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I am really excited for you, but BM2 should NOT have done that. That information is confidential and she likely violated Big Consulting Firm's HR policy. She and your husband better hope that no one finds out about that.

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Disagree. HR info is highly confidential, since it also typically contains personal information contained on the application. While BM2 might have knowledge of that due to her being an XW, I just asked our HR folks and they said "she did WHAT? WE would fire her for that."

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She has been involved since the beginning since she turned in his resume and recommended him, so they probably wouldn't be surprised

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Perhaps, but be careful. If she has accessed his info for good, she can also access his info for bad...she is nice now, but you never know and now she will know what he makes. Get ready for a request to increase her support...

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Yes, it was. But should things change, it might come back to bite him in the ASS.

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The way it works at my company if I refer someone I can check out our online portal at any time to see where the candidate I referred is in the process. You're probably okay... And congratulations!

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slightly different though if the referring employee works in HR...I certainly wouldn't want my XH to have access to my personnel file.

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I should clarify, all she can see in the system is the STATUS of the info in the application, no info on the offer, etc. Anyone in any HR capacity can see that. I can see the hire status of anyone within my department as well

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I get that, and it's a little better now that you have modified to "anyone in an HR capacity" but I still stand by my contention that since she would have access to his personnel file since she IS in an HR capacity, this could be a problem later on down the road.

Now she will know his salary, his bonuses - no thanks

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Great news! Congrats to you and your family and hopefully now you're on the road to financial recovery!

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This is fabulous news!!!!!

I read through some of your past blogs - wow you really went through a ton the past few years.

prayers for hubby to get the job that will be the best possible fit, and that your lives will be more harmonious as a result.

I have ptsd from BM, so I saw the whole "BM2 looked into his status", and shivered a bit myself.

Good luck to you all!

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