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Holy crap! I got an offer.

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It is not as simple as just that.

Of course... I am awaiting offers from two other companies.  One is a short term advisory position for a Middle East client.  Great money, but.. not regular full time.

A second company has put me forward to their exec team for a corporate executive director role.  That one might be interesting.

I am not sure if that one will generate an offer before I have to give the first company an answer.  The verbal offer is certainly acceptable and they said the written will be made on Monday.

It has been a long 25mos since my last full time direct hire role. I have had some consulting/advisory work that has kept my resume active.  I will be happy to be take pressure off of my DW and being in a position to get our home paid off and to spoil her to the level I usually enjoy.


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Hope the longer-term position unfolds smoothly. It's gratifying to have options especially during this period.

Ex-DH has gone from working huge international projects as a manager/engineer to learning to drive OTR trucks. Strange times we live in ...

Congrats again





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I have been getting a lot of aproches about  starting an OTR driving career as well.  I did consider it but have been able to do just enough consulting to keep my resume from going stale.  Though.... it is my incredible wife and her burgeoning career that has been paying our bills and maintaining our security.

Expat/international project work has shifted quite a bit over the past several years.  I did have some bites on Expat assignments but all were local hire, native currency, no comprehensive international assignment benefits (Travel allowances, tax equalization, uplifts, etc......).  I would have taken one of those but every one of them dried up.

We have very good friends that we met on one of our assignments to Saudi who are having a hell of a time reconnecting. He took an expat role in Kuwait nearly two years ago but with Covid they have not been able to get her over there to join him.  He just got home after almost 15months and that long of a separation has played hell on their basic connection. They have been married 30= years an dthe strain of this level of abnormality has been hard for them.  They will be fine but they are struggling.

This new opportuntiy will once again be moving my wife's cheese ... but.... It is a good opportunity and hopefully will get us to retirement..... It is a 20% cut from my usual salary levels... but.... far, far, far more than I have been earning for the past two years.

Thanks by the way.


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Times are indeed weird. The pandemic threw everything into chaos, especially this kind of work and business travel. I work in the technology field that requires regular training, which used to mean traveling. All of that is virtual now. DH lost his job again just 1 1/2 months ago. It took him 18 months to find something last time, he's hoping to make it happen sooner this time, but like you he is just trying to find something to get him to retirement. We are very blessed that my income covers all our needs plus a few extras, but it is really hard on him to not be contributing.

Congratulations on the offers! I hope the one you want comes through and is everything you hope it will be!

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That you and DH are a team, like DW and I are, is the foundation of navigating this type of challenge successfully.  This is the third time in our 26+ year marriage that I have had a notable period of unemployment.  The first ended a year to the day after losing my position in a mass lay off 9 days after 9-11.  The second was 7mos at the end of our 7 years as Expats.  This time, I got an offer 25mos to the day after my last company eleminated the entire leadership team in the unit was was part of leading.  The first one and this one my wife had us covered with her career. The second one I had enough TOWP left to maintain our benefits and I had unemployment income for all but the last month.  We lived with my parents.  Which is a multigeneratonal norm with my family.  When mom and dad were Expats our house was their home base in the US and they lived with us for a couple of months every year.  While we were expats mom and dad's was our home base.

I am hopeful that this new opportunity is my last company before retirement in 8-12ish years.  With DW's successful and stable career this should be a really great complementary highly compensated opportuntiy to her employment stabiity.  The balance has shifted as both of your careers have evolved.  We used to life on my income and hers provided an elevated life style and additional investment resources.  Now, we can live entirely on her income 



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Things are opening up.  Congratulations, Rags!

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Many best wishes your way for continued successes.