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I accepted an offer! Finally I can get back to doing what I do.

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Though 20% below my usual and most recent base salary and a step down from the Jr exec levels I have been at for a decade+, this opportunity has a very significant bonus structure, the company has my path back to broader influence levels mapped out, and it gets me out of a pure service contractor/consulting environment and with a successful product manufacturer that is leveraging it's product servicing capabilities into a contracted services business supporting their product customers operations.

Dynamic, active, a very interesting change of industry for me....

Life is good. It really has always been good... is just now getting "gooder" again.  And none too soon..

Of course... I am now getting a ton of calls for interviews for roles that I have applied for as far back as Q4-2020 and have a third interview for a corporate ED level role with a mid sized family owned manufacturing company tomorrow AM. The title for that role is very interesting, so is the scope of the role, however.... working for the most influential company on the planet... has some great appeal.

Looks like we are moving to Vegas!

Now to introduce my UAE client to the person I am recommending take over my current work from home short term consulting gig.

Whew, I hope we never have to go this crap again.



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Jobs are like buses.  You wait for ages and then they all come at once. *wink*

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Here's hoping your job transition and move are both successful!

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Always good to be in a job you really like! Wishing you the best in your new job and new city! 

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Congrats!  The job search can be simultaneously  exciting, frustrating and  Often the jobs we feel we are PERFECT for don't pan out.  Or the job we think is a shoe in?  well.. their contract is cancelled.. so they don't need you etc.. 

Bravo for getting something that looks exciting in the works.

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At one time a few years ago, while working for a temp service and desperate to have something "permanent", I applied for and got accepted for 2 jobs. And felt really really good to be "wanted". And the temp service continues to call about jobs. 

Biggrin This was the summer after we got married. 

I think that with things "opening up" there will be so many great opportunities.

And vegas! HOT.

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Your son is coming home, you are starting a new job and you are moving!   I hope you will still have time for us and all our problems.  Lol.