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DH is employed!!!!!!

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It’s official! After 3 years, 10 months, and 1 day, DH is employed!!! The background check finally was completed and he got the email from HR with his official April 29th start date!

Thanks so much for all of your support over the last few years and everyone’s positive notes and thoughts. 


DH was laid off from a huge bank, where he headed the fraud division and reported to the CIO. His new title is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and he reports to the CEO, which is a huge job. It’s a Netherlands owned financial services company that’s about $5B in global revenues.  The salary is half of what he used to make, but still plenty! If we budget carefully and save now, it’s even enough that I could be a SAHM in the future.  (currently I have a lucrative management job in insurance)


We told BM1 and BM2 who were both thrilled. They’ve both been supportive and flexible during all of this which has helped . BM2 sent me a really nice text about how happy she is and how thankful she is I was so supportive through all this with DH and the kids, and mentioning how proud she is at how well we all coparent considering where we al started. 


I feel like I lost 100lbs since this morning. My head and back hurts less. I just feel light and free!  It’s going to be ok! I just wanted to share the news


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I know how he feels.  I lost my fabulous job in the 80s (oil industry collapse).  I did get another job after a year+ - but it was practically an entry level job that paid nothing. (I was single) My take home pay was $300 more than my house payment.  I also went thru all of my savings. I finally got a decent job that allowed me to reestablish my career almost 4 years later.  Such a relief.

You both know that you can survive anything now.

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Congratulations!!! It sounds like that man is lucky to have good women in his life who supported him though dark times!

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I'm SO happy to hear this CB!  Congrats!!!  I know it has to be such a huge relief!!  How have you been other then this?