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BM just diagnosed with MS

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BM told DH over the weekend she has MS.  I feel bad for SSons.

I printed a couple of brochures about having a parent with MS and what MS is for the Skids, from the National MS Society. 

SS17 took the information, he was grateful, learning about it took some of his anxiety away.

DH and I asked both SSons if they wanted to talk about it.  SS17 said maybe later. SS21 didn't want to talk either he said he had looked MS up online and knew about it and that BM saud she was fine, so she is fine.

I feel sad for BM and her husband, they have been married a year and seem happy this has to be devastating news for them.



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That's too bad. I cant stand BM but wouldnt wish that on even her. Sorry to hear but you seem to be doing the right thing by researching a little and showing your support to the skids.

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just trying to help SSons understand what MS is so that they can better help support their mom.


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One of my friends was diagnosed with MS in 2004.  She takes meds etc, but is doing great.   It can be managed quite often.   It’s not necessarily a death sentence. 

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I realize that this is a chroic illness and can be managed with meds. I didn't mean to sound so gloom & doom.


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MS varies in its severity -some people have very few symptoms, or just periodic flare-ups of symptoms.

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BM had some issues with her vision over Christmas, it was her DH that noticed her eyes were jumping around when they were putting up the Christmas tree. She had a few falls last summer that she thought were due to clumsiness. And a few years back her face was numb but the feeling came back before the doctor figured out what it was.


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Agree with notasm. I know people who manage their MS pretty well and aren't experiencing debilitating symptoms. If you have a good doctor, it's possible to keep it under control.


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Being diagnosed with MS does not necessarily mean a big dramatic change.

I have a friend with MS who was diagnosed shortly after she became pregnant. Her daughter is finishing up her Freshman year at college and my friend is doing really well. She made changes to her lifestyle to be the best that she can be and it has certainly paid off for her.

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will be able to do the same, making lifestyle changes. My DH is worried because her diet isn't very healthy, it was that way when they were married. She buys a lot of take out, and eats out a lot, but then if the MS has her fatigued I can totally see why she doesn't feel up to cooking. 


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Our BM has lupus (I realize it's not the same, but it's also a chronic condition) and she's doing well with her meds, etc. Hopefully this doesn't impact your life any.

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I had a friend and I say had because he died in his early 30's from MS. He was completely 100 percent disabled and hid away with his parents for close to a decade because he didn't want any of his loved ones to see him that way . I have a friend from high school that  has it and she has to use a walker or a cane sometimes. She has attacks. Periods of health and periods of illness

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That’s the relapsing-remitting type? I confess that I’m a Wikipedia nerd. 

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I don’t usually talk about it but I have an extremely rare neurological disease with a name that is a mile long with a lot more words than I can remember or spell. It is similar to MS on some levels.  

Right now my legs don’t work right and I fall. I am in PT.   But even though I have to use a wheelchair right now I am not letting it define me.  I’m still me and I even just went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  I hope BM will not become one of those martyrs who sit around feeling sorry for themselves. 

It’s an inconvenience - but there are so many things worse.  I’ve seen close friends deal with dementia, horrible pain, cancer, stroke.   I consider myself lucky that  this is all that’s wrong with me. 

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Sharing took a lot of courage.

This is my fear. She has played martyr in the past. My hope is that she has MS but MS doesn't have her.

Stay positive, attitude is everything!