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DH said BM just called and said that SS needed to be tested for asthma. (SS is at our house right now) DH said he asked her why she thinks he needs to be tested for asthma. She said because SHE has asthma, she's on three different meds for it. DH said that SS has not exhibited any signs of asthma but if she wanted him tested then he will get him tested.

This is so stupid really? Okay I get we had him tested for type 2 diabetes but not just because of her but because her dad has it as well. That's a disease you can't see sometimes. With all the active outdoor stuff we do. I think we'd notice if SS was having issues breathing.

Besides I doubt she's on three different meds for asthma she's probably on meds to help her COPD. She's had asthma her whole life and she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day and ever since I've known DH she gets bronchitis and pneumonia at least once per year. I'm not a doctor but certain she has COPD.


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Yep.... my SS had his first Asthma attack nearly a year ago. At first we though he was sick.... coughing wheezing and complaining of chest tightness.... we gave him cold medicine. DH tried to take him to the ER but they turned him away as there were to many people. Next morning he was having visible intercoastal contractions and nasal flaring Sad Took him back to the hospital, took 2 breathing treatments and a steroid shot to get the attack under control. It was very scary!

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Our BM is checking SD every few hours trying to get a 13yo on high blood pressure meds. She pulled a muscle you stupid bitch.

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This sounds so much like BM- she's had both of her kids tested for every disease under the sun. The neighbor's kid has asthma, she's convinced her kids are dying of it. Her niece has eczema, her kids suddenly have eczema even though their skin is completely clear. Amazingly, she overlooks SS15's chronic, severe acne. DH took his to the doctor and got him a prescription cream and body wash. Think she makes sure he uses it there? You know the answer.

She's also had her kids tested for ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and any other learning disability she could think of. Neither of them has any sort of learning problem. She just wanted something to blame instead of her crappy parenting.

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She called DH to find out if he made an appt about the asthma, he said no he will do it next week. She started bitching and he said "Stop it. I will get it done. He's not exhibiting any symptoms so it's not urgent. Do you have any other medical conditions you need me to have our son tested for?" She hung up...wonder why? LOL