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Happy Father's Day Weekend.

Little Jo's picture

For the ladies who were single Mothers and acted as both parents.

For the Bio-dads that still show how much they care even though you may be seperated or divorced.

For the Bio-dads that are also Step-dads and who opened their hearts to our kid(s). That's a whole alot of loving.

For our Father's who may have passed on. We miss you and love you.

fantasy of retribution

Lauren973's picture

Okay ladies (and gents)... We've all been through it, regardless of our place as BM, SM, SM&BM, SD, SKID, etc.,
Try as you may to deny it, I know that there has been some mental tinkering with the fanasy of retribution.

I admit it, I've fantasized about all manner of evil tricks to play. There is NOTHING wrong with THINKING about it - its just fantasy, right?!?

I am very curious to know what dastardly revenge fantasies you've all come up with and by all means, if you ever actually DID anything to get revenge!

Joint decison making

proud mom's picture

That is what hubby and his ex are suppose to have but yet we never know when sd has a Dr apt or anything that is going on. She just called to say oh by the way while you have sd this coming week she has a check up OMG she didn't change it I am amazed now the question will be as I have said in my last post who is taking her the ex says that hubby can drop her off to her on his way to work why on earth get her up so early when she doesn't have to I can drop her off or even take her arghhhhhhhh.

10 Years. Wow.

marika's picture

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. It doesn't really seem like it has been that long. Even with everything that happened with SD over the last few months, I can honestly say that I would marry my guy all over again. The good parts have made the bad parts tolerable. I truly can't imagine not having him around and I plan to show him that as soon as he picks me up from summer school today.

Just had to share that, esp. since I mainly complain on here!


Childrens stories for step parents???

Lauren973's picture

Does anyone have any really wonderful reccomendations for illustrated childrens stories (age range from 3-7) about step mothers, belnding families (or folding;)?
Also, if you were going to write such a story for your own step kids, what would the message be? What would you want to include? Why?

There is still hope

Caitlin's picture

The lawyer that my fiance met with a few weeks ago got back to him after consulting with her "superstars" in the custody field. Given that we can't afford a lawyer at a minimum cost of $10k, she recommended that we pursue custody on our own! She said we have a rock solid case and there are free legal services at the local universities that can help us wade through it all. She said that money (or lack thereof) does not have to stop us from saving SD. So there's hope! We're looking into what the universities offer and going from there.

SD first visit for the summer

proud mom's picture

SD coming Friday for our first week of the summer. We get her every other week during the summer and last year we did not live together so this will be new to all of us we are use to having her every other weekend but a week to a 6yr is a long time. Any way, biomom called and left dh a message that sd has a Dr appt on the 21 and if he can't take her then "He" can drop SD off to her and she will take her and meet him or his parents after wards to drop SD back off.

Blended or Pureed

family folding's picture

First things first, I would really like to know who came up with the term Blended Family. The reason I ask, and excuse me for my bluntness, but it truly is a horrible word, given the context at hand. Let me explain why. A blender is a kitchen appliance or those things that bars used to have prior to the wonderful slushy machines and like most people, whether they are divorced or not, I have a blender. It’s a nice blender, with blue liquid in it so you can actually put it into the freezer prior to use and it is supposed to keep your blended concoctions colder longer.