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I do not have words.....

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So YSS just turned 14 and OSS will be 16 next week. They are still ungrateful self-centered a**holes. So I have been staying on my grandfather's land where my camper is parked and last week DH decides to come out there and bring the ungrateful a**holes. Mine you this is my sanctuary where I go and relax. My horses are out here and my aunt and uncle come stay out here on the weekends as well. So let me get to the part where I want to choke these two ungrateful a**holes.


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So MIL left last week finally. I finally got everything in my house back to normal. She told DH that she wants us to come there for Christmas. I told DH have fun with that!! OSS was in the car and waits until DH gets out of the car and tells me your grandfather is dumb for not wearing a mask. Mind you we were outside and he was no where near anyone. He was just sitting in a chair far away from anyone else mind his own business.

Trying not to stab myself!!

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My anxiety is through the roof. I am drinking shots of vodka just to function and trying to stay out of the house as much as I can. OSS has brought his birds over and they make a lot of noise. I told DH that next time he doesn't bring them that it's not our problem he has birds and that BM can take care of them. They not only woke me up but they have been screeching all freaking morning long when I am trying to work. I shouldn't have to drive to my family's house to work just because of these birds!

Wish me luck

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Well...Tomorrow both the skids and MIL are coming dear lord please give me the strength. Skids are staying for 30 days since DH didn't take them in June because of COVID-19 and MIL is coming to stay for a week so she can see the skids and DH. I told DH that I am not dealing with MIL or Skid's crap since I am currently working from home. I told him that MIL doesn't try to rearrange anything in our house or leave raw chicken in my fridge again or throw anything of mine away and BM is not allowed over our house just because her and MIL want to chat.

Just curious....

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Is it normal for teenagers not to care about their NCP and not take the time to even wish them Happy Father's Day or Happy Birthday etc? I am just curious if they just don't give a crap or if it's the way they are raised. I hear the skids talk about how they celebrated BM's birthday or what they got her for her birthday and my DH doesn't even get a Happy Father's Day or Happy Birthday. Maybe this is a PAS thing?

Idiots and my life

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I haven't been on here in awhile..I just started working from home however, the skids are supposed to come here for thirty straight days from July 17th until August 17th so I am going to dread working from home because they will be here. Even though they stay in their rooms most of the time whenever OSS wants to cook something he makes a crap load of noise and whenever he's bored he comes out here and talks his nonsense to whoever will listen to him which is usually DH.


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So after the whole BM thanksgiving text message drama DH handed me his phone and told me just to send a simple text back to BM and let her know the dates and times of when he would be picking up the skids and to her send a screen shot of the CO where it states it. I guess she didn't appreciate that because she texted back that he needs to act normal and just answer her back whenever she texts him. She got no reply back of course.