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Medical Insurance

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Skids are on my medical insurance however, I am about to start a new job. DH is going to contact the lawyer to find out about what he needs to do in order to notify BM since she is high conflict he avoids her like the black plague. Do you think he should just send her a certified letter letting her know that the skids medical insurance will be terminating due to a job change and that he will let her know when the new insurance plan kicks in?

Trying to sleep on the couch again and I am still leaving when they are there...

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This weekend was a skid weekend so YSS was trying to sleep on the couch again. He has been staying up all night long and sleeping all day since it's summer. Friday night he didn't make any noise but slept on the couch for most of the day Saturday. I left in the morning and was gone for most of the day. Then at around 5:30 am on Sunday I woke up to someone banging on a door and yelling. I woke DH up and told him so he got up and told YSS to go to bed and that this BS of being up all night stops now. DH told me Sunday afternoon you know my kids aren't going anywhere right?

This past weekend...Need advice...

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So MIL is coming on 8/22 and staying through out the weekend and she says that she wants to see the skids. I am thinking here we go again. Considering I blew up last time she made arrangements with BM and then told DH and didn't ask him since it affects our schedule and lives she asked him this time before making arrangements with BM. I guess my bluntness made it clear to her that she needed to consult with DH before making any more plans with BM that affect us.

Weekend of hell as usual...

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So BM took the skids to the waterpark and refused to answer any of DH's text messages so he texted SS when he got off off work Friday and asked him what time BM was going to drop them off and where were they meeting? SS said at the Walgreen's at 7:00 pm. Well 7:00 pm rolls around so DH waits until about 7:20 pm and calls SS and asks him what time will they be there he says that he will call DH when they get there. BM didn't actually get there until about 8:30 pm. I was just laughing but I didn't say a word because I really don't care anymore.

Last night

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This weekend is a skid weekend oh joy! BM had OSS text DH about a week or so ago asking if she could drop off the skids at our house DH told SS no that they could meet somewhere and SS demanded to know why BM couldn't drop them off at our house and then he said I was the cause of it. So BM put the skid in the middle. DH sent BM a text and told her to please let him know where she wanted to meet so he could pick up the skids. BM didn't respond to DH.

Insurance and DH found a job...

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So DH found a job and starts work today however, I will be laid off in September. Skids are on my insurance and DH's new job doesn't provide medical insurance. Does anyone know if BM has to put the skids medical insurance if her employer provides it and DH will have to pay her extra with CS? CO states that DH has to pay $400 a month for medical support. DH said that he is going to talk to his lawyer. Has anyone if heard of continuing an insurance policy even it it's through an employer?

Bat s**** crazy BM strikes again!!

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BM is starting her bat **** crazy antics again. Last night around 9:30 pm OSS texts DH and tells him that BM will drop off them at our house next Friday night because she is taking them to the waterpark that day. DH told SS that he will meet BM somewhere to pick them up. SS said that BM wants to drop us off at your house and what is the problem. I am thinking REALLY BM! Then I get the blame for it of course because I am the one that doesn't want BM at our house so SS says.

I will leave every time now...

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So I left both Saturday and Sunday and went to my dad's house because DH continued to make excuses for this kids. Friday night, YSS was yelling on his stupid headset with his little gaming friends at midnight and DH was too lazy to get up and tell him to be quiet or take the XBox away from him so he yelled at him while laying in bed and it woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep.