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Just need some insight please?

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So if your spouse/SO wants you to make a financial decision because they think it's better for the family but you dont agree or don't want to do it. Then they tell you well if you don't fix it I will. Would you feel there is something shady going on or that this person is only with you because of money? Or maybe they are just controlling? Please give me some insight on this?

Yesterday and just needing to vent....

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So DH picks up the skids yesterday for spring break and the first thing that comes out of OSS's mouth to me is "Do you have febreze my room smells bad? I told him "No, I don't and I just cleaned your room". I went into his room and nothing smelled bad so I have no idea what he was even talking about?

I am thinking well you don't take a shower unless you are told to so the bad smell is most likely coming from you. I wanted to tell him that but I didn't. My DH was going to pick something up from the store so he picked up febreze for OSS.

Spring Break with the skids I can't hardly wait.....

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So DH has the skids for spring break oh joy. My anxiety of course is rising having to deal with them for a week. I still don't know what to do about the sleeping on the couch situation. I guess we should just keep on being consistent. I don't know why this kid wants to sleep on the couch all the time though. It's a fight every time he comes over and I am really tired of it. My dad asked DH and me if we wanted to go to the beach one weekend in May. I told DH that I wanted to go when he was kid free.

Being consistent is not important to my DH.....

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YSS brought his blanket out to the couch last night and was watching TV. So around 9:30 pm I tell DH that TV is still blasting in the living room. All of the sudden I hear in a really soft spoken voice my DH trying to wake SS up and telling him to go to bed. The kid was pretending he was sleeping so he could get away with sleeping on the damn couch again. So my DH goes outside for something. SS is still on the couch with the TV blasting I go over to the couch turn off the TV and in a stern voice I tell SS to go to bed now! He says ok and gets up and goes to bed.

Skid listens to me better than his own father and trying to find a solution for a money situation.

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DH picked up the skids last night. It's funny how he has to tell YSS to go to bed 4 times before he listens however, last night around 9:30 pm I go take the dogs outside before I go to sleep and YSS is sitting in the living room with the with the TV blasting. I tell him it's a school night and you know the rules go to bed. I come back in and TV is off and and YSS is in his room. So do you think that he just knows that DH will let him get away with stuff and let him to whatever he wants and I won't?

Trying something different....

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BM continues to bother my DH every other week just because she is having a bad day and wants someone to take it out on I think. Telling him how to talk to her, trying to tell him what to do while the skids are at our house. I guess me complaining over and over about it doesn't do anything but I always feel better after I tell my DH how I feel about it.

This happened yesterday......

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Ok this actually happened yesterday it's not about the skids this time it's about my marriage. Sorry it's off the topic but I am thinking that it's getting to the point where maybe I really should go. So yesterday I went to lunch with two co-workers. DH called me once and I didn't answer because I was driving. Then he calls back and I answer the second time and he asks me why I didn't answer the phone the first time he called. I told him because I was driving. He said well who are you with and I told him. He then hangs up on me.

Always something.....

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o BM emails DH about some band concert for OSS on March 1st and it says that the performance time is 5:10 pm. Per the CO it states that DH is not supposed to pick up the skids until 6:00 pm on Thursdays. I told DH that if he wants to take off work and go to the concert to see SS perform then go ahead and go but, I wasn't going to take off work and rush around trying to get over there. So DH decides to send BM an email back stating that he will just pick up the skids at her house after the concert. Then all of the sudden BM starts bombarding DH's phone with text messages.

Haven't written in awhile....

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So we are supposed to talk to the skids today about bed times and the TV will go off at 10 pm on school nights no matter what. No sleeping on the couch at all. DH asked me last night why the remotes were in our room. Well skids didn't come over last Thursday night so we didn't get a chance to talk to them because DH was sick and I refused to go pick them up for him. I told him that the remotes have been in our room since last week. He said well what do we need to talk to them about? REALLY!!! So pretty much he doesn't care and just is doing it to shut me up.