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Psychology Appointment...

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I haven't posted in awhile so here it is. Everything has gone back to normal and my anxiety isn't as bad as it was because OSS isn't wreaking havoc right now since he went back to BM's. DH and I had our first appointment yesterday with the psychologist and it was as I expected. He said that he can't change OSS and that he is just like BM. The psychologist asked him how it made him feel to hear me say all these horrible things about his son and he said that it didn't bother him.

Almost over...

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The skids go back to BM's on June 30th thank the lord! OSS eats everything in sight though and I mean stuff that I have bought with my own money. I told my DH last night that I am going to put sticky notes on my food so that he doesn't eat it even though he has been told time and again not to touch the food that is still in the grocery bags in the fridge. I keep the other food in my room. I just think it's ridiculous that this kid cannot listen to simple instructions and respect other people's things but then again that is not his fault it's the parents fault.

Is this part of disengaging?

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I think that my DH isn't going to make the skids respect anyone so it's probably just better that I not say anything at all when they do the crap that they do. Like to instance, not acknowledge anyone when they walk into our house. They both act like I don't exist so I should probably not care and do the same with them right? I mean we all know trying to get my DH to teach the skids something is a complete loss. So is this part of disengaging acting like someone doesn't exist in your house?

Team psycho can go somewhere else!

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The witch MIL is leaving today thank god! I finally get my house back and everything will go back to normal except for the fact that OSS is still a manipulative POS and I have to deal with him for another 11 days until he goes back to BM's. He hasn't spoken to me since the incident the other day when he lied to my face and I called him out on it. I just am ignoring him and pretending like he doesn't exist and I can keep on doing it because I have enough stress to deal with. Team psycho which consists of BM, OSS and MIL can cease to exist somewhere else.

Update...and just need some support!!

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Update..and I just need some support please! OSS is a manipulative liar and DH admitted that he was a mini me of BM! MIL is still here. Get this! She asks me why I am keeping one of my frying pans? I asked why do you ask? She says well it's scratched and that mean it's poisonous. Then she throw it in the trash can right in front of me! I just was in shock and I went and got it out of the trash. She asked me if she crossed a boundary? I said yes you did and you need to just stay away from me! When my DH got home I told him what happened and he told MIL not to touch my stuff.

This Idiot....

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This weekend sucked without no AC however, we are getting a new one tomorrow Yesterday, I was out doing yardwork in the front yard. DH had an appointment with a client. All of the sudden I see BM pull up next to the driveway in her BMW and out walks OSS. I am just sitting there with my arms crossed glaring at both of them. BM and OSS know very well that she is not allowed at our house. I think that they were just both trying to set me up for failure.

First week of hell down....

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So... When I got home from work last night I found a whole box of macaroni and cheese wasted in the trash can. I knew it was OSS and I asked him did he waste the macaroni and cheese and why? He said no he didn't I said you are the only one that wastes it don't lie to me. DH was at some appointment with a client and took YSS with him so he wasn't there when this was all happening.

More crap...

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So yesterday our AC broke and there is no food in our house because I refuse to buy groceries for the skids. Am I wrong to feel that the skids just go back to BM's because my DH simply cannot afford to feed them and now our AC is broke? If I tell him that I feel the skids should go back BM's it will be World War 3. I mean the truth is I cannot tolerate them for long periods of time but, I feel that it's not fair to them to make them stay here and not be able to enjoy their summer. They don't need to suffer any more than we do.


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I have come to the conclusion that my DH will never change and neither will the skids so I can either live with it or leave. DH has told the skids that if they eat all the junk food that they were SOL until the next grocery trip. So when I get home from work yesterday here comes YSS asking me if I can buy him more lunchables. I told him I cannot you will have to wait until the next grocery trip which will be on Friday. He just looks at me with this blank stare then walks off. Then I told DH that we need to go to counseling to try to work out our problems.