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Wish me luck

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Well...Tomorrow both the skids and MIL are coming dear lord please give me the strength. Skids are staying for 30 days since DH didn't take them in June because of COVID-19 and MIL is coming to stay for a week so she can see the skids and DH. I told DH that I am not dealing with MIL or Skid's crap since I am currently working from home. I told him that MIL doesn't try to rearrange anything in our house or leave raw chicken in my fridge again or throw anything of mine away and BM is not allowed over our house just because her and MIL want to chat. I told him they can go somewhere else to do that. It's funny how MIL is all about BM and how good of a person and mother she is but if I try to set a boundary or let her know that I don't like something then I'm a horrible person. BM did horrible stuff to my DH that ruined his life but now BM kisses MIL's a**. I really could care less about both of them as long as they aren't messing with my bubble. I just think it's funny the way they both act which is fake and idiotic. Wish me luck because I need it.


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Oh good Lord, I don't envy you!  We were estranged from MIL for 2 yrs because she and DH's step father were so vile to us on a weekend visit to them.  Now he is back in touch with her by email but I have said I will probably never see her again.  She and NPD BM became Facebook friends about 18mths ago, not long after the estrangement, and now brown nose each other at every opportunity, although they were mortal enemies during her marriage to DH.  I think MIL is trying to prove that she doesn't hate all of DH's wives!  

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Burn more!!!

Seriously, wishing you all the best. If MIL starts her shizzit, she needs to get a hotel room. Preferably one with a pool so the skids can go visit.

Wishing you strength!

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You are working from home.  She can spend all day everyday with them at the hotel swimming, watching movies on tv, etc.

That sounds perfect!

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Any way you could arrange to go stay with your folks (or maybe give them a heads up that you may need to for sanity) during this time?  No, you shouldn't 'have' to, but having an outlet might be helpful.

I would in specific terms tell your husband to have a chat with MIL before she comes.  That, he appreciates the fact that some of what she does is her version of "helping"... but neither of you appreciate when your house rules are broken and your things are rearranged.  This is your house and it will be run and organized as you see fit.. not how she thinks would be better.  Also, this is both his and your home and sanctuary and she will not disrespect either of you or your home by inviting BM over.. even in passing.  If she feels the need to see BM, she can go to her. Period.  These things are not negotiable and if she can't agree then she will have to skip this trip.. or she can stay in a hotel.  She is welcome to visit, but she is not welcome to turn your home upside down.  That there have been issues in the past.. including the chicken etc.. that you expect will not be repeated this time.


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"that you expect will not be repeated this time"

or this will be the last time she's allowed in your home ... EVER.

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Ugh have fun working from home with that going on, u can't imagine getting anything done while keeping one ear open for MIL doing things she shouldn't.

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I will pray for you.  Lol,  it's awful, the summer "vacation" nightmare, a toxic  two-fer.


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