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I do not have words.....

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So YSS just turned 14 and OSS will be 16 next week. They are still ungrateful self-centered a**holes. So I have been staying on my grandfather's land where my camper is parked and last week DH decides to come out there and bring the ungrateful a**holes. Mine you this is my sanctuary where I go and relax. My horses are out here and my aunt and uncle come stay out here on the weekends as well. So let me get to the part where I want to choke these two ungrateful a**holes.

So I was out at the barn with the horses and everyone else was sitting by the fire by the campers and all of the sudden I hear my aunt yelling. I couldn't hear exactly what she was saying though. So i walk up there and she is walking into her trailer and I go after her and ask her what happened.

She tells me that OSS was banging some rocks together over and over again and that my DH told her several times to stop banging the rocks together but just ignored him. She said that she finally got tired of it and yelled at him and told him to stop banging the rocks and that if she was his mother she would've beat his a** a long time ago and that she doesn't care how big he is! Then OSS told her that she wasn't going to do anything about it and she said my DH told him to apologize and go into the camper.

By that time all I saw was red and I immediately went and talked to DH and told him that I wasn't dealing with this crap and that if he can't control the skids then he needs to go home. Fast forward to Saturday night, skids wanted to charge their cell phones and I told them they could charge them in my car but they needed to turn the car completely on because my car doesn't charge cell phones unless the car is on and it will run the battery down if it is not turned completely on.

So I go over to my car to find out what they are doing. YSS is sitting in the passenger's seat and OSS is standing by the car on the outside of it and guess what? The car is not completely on but all of the lights are on. I asked what they were doing and YSS says trying to run your battery down so you can stranded her. I said get the **** out of my car.

I was screaming at them and then I was in DH's face screaming at him and of course he is making every excuse in the book because they skids really weren't trying to run my battery down and leave me stranded. I just told him to keep his a**hole kids away from me and that they do not come out here anymore and that I am completely down with this crap! DH is going to counseling on his own and taking medication but I still haven't seen any results. I just don't know what else to do but to leave.


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You must have a high tolerance for pain, between your DH, the skids, and MIL. Can you give five good reason to stay? I'm just curious.

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I would have yanked them out of the car by their ear.  Ever had your ear pulled...hurts like *b*tch*.  

I'm sorry but the minute DH showed up the spawns of satan I would told him to turn his car around and gtfo.  They were not welcome. 

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Tank honey, where are your boundaries? 

Your H let his kids misbehave and annoy everyone. He let the older skid defy him, and be rude to another adult. Most kids would be embarrassed and simmer down after getting a tongue lashing from an older lady, but not this pos. I'm glad your aunt yelled at them. You should have made them all leave at that point, because your baggage was causing problems for your aunt and uncle.

You need to tell your H that due to how badly his kids behaved, they are now banned from the property. And you need to mean it.



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DH drove a vehicle to get there. That is the vehicle they should have used to charge their cell phones. Can't use DH's vehicle? So sorry (NOT) the phones can't be charged.

I'm glad you told DH not to bring the skids there again. 


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What idiot kid sits there and bangs rocks like a simpleton?  One that wants to annoy everyone and cause trouble.  They told you that they were trying to run down your battery and strand you, and your DH still made excuses.  He needs to find his balls and parent.  Sounds like you are on your way out anyway - Good luck!