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Just Checked In on OSS 21.5

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All of all three skids, he was the one that was the most accepting, and had the least amount of horrid issues (probably oldest child syndrome--I have that myself LOL).  Chef, being the BABY of the family, never did get along with OSS.  Don't get me wrong,  OSS is still the Girhippo worshipper, however he was the one that was the most sorry for "lying to make mommy happy" when the Gir launched a fake CPS investigation against us.

Well, he had been told all his life that his career was going to be "rock star" by the Girhippo and she indulged his fantasy to the max.  Sending him to a Rock Star Camp every summer which was extremely pricey until he actually had to stop going because he was over the age limit.  Nothing against musical interests--I studied violin for almost 12 years.   But to make it your career with nothing to fall back on. . .

Turned into a pot fiend as well.  Never concerned about grades, although he did the least amount of skipping compared to SD and YSS.  Passed just.barely in HS. 

Well he's drifted from part time job to part time job.  Is now working the drive thru window at the local KFC/Taco Bell.   Treated the world to a posted video of him COMPLETELY high leaving for work after a mini ice storm where it shows him trying to clear the ice by rolling down the window and then elbowing the ice as though breaking into a car, then laughing hysterically like a hyena.

 Oh yeah if Chef saw this, he'd be completed disgusted.


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Too bad, he is so young. I am so frustrated to watch young people throwing away their opportunites. With their health and energy, even if they are poor, a young person has so many opportunities that we older people do not have. They have a window of a few years to take advantage, and then things are much harder, as we older people know. 

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and to THINK of all the CONSTRUCTION TRADES he could have learned from Chef!  But the Girhippo would rather see the skids die a torturous death instead of learning anything from Chef.  She truly hates her ex more than she loves her children.  The phoney love bombing she does is sooo stupid.  Nothing but permissive parenting.

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I feel bad for your skids.  Their parents (especially their mother) really did them a huge disservice.  However, I believe in personal responsibility too much to give them a pass.  I hope OSS manages to turn it around.

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Can't really totally blame the Girhippo completely though.  Chef was all Disney Dad Fun World when they were with him and taught them zero about basic respect, responsibility or accountability.  Chef shouldn't be disappointed in seeing that video.  After all, he and the Gir steered all of their children EXACTLY in Loserville's direction.  Now they are all living up to the lack of expectations quite grandly.  Just like they were always taught!

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It takes two to tango.   Chef should have set a precedent from day one that:

1.  Skids will be PARENTED PROPERLY (there's a time and place for everything)

2.  Skids will need to behave and respect their elders  (Guilty Daddy and BFF reigned during the years up to the PASout)

3.  The Girhippo will be held to the CO. period (she never was)

4.  Court will be involved if the Gir does not follow the CO (she never did)


By the time Chef started actually LISTENING to my advice the damage was done.  You can't unring a bell.