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OSS stb 23 Has a New Career

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He is a clerk at the local low end grocery store.   This chain is about 10 steps down from Aldis.  You bag your own groceries, the produce is run of the mill and limited.  Lots of cheap canned goods and processed in box foods.  I have shopped there from time to time to pick up something quickly.  About one step up from a bodega.

And to think he could be making about ten times more had he stuck with visitation and learned the construction trades from his father.... Oh no, the Girhippo would have rathered all three skids die in poverty than learn any job skills from Chef.

Of course, OSS who will be 23 in 8 weeks was always told ny the Gir that he was going to literally be a rock star as a career.  Talk about pipe dreams!


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My late father (the cheapest man who ever lived) loved to shop at this cut rate grocery store. It carried a lot of frozen stuff that had aged out at grocery chains across the country. 

I always referred to it as the “used grocery store”.