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The Enmeshment and Victimology Continues!

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Pumpkinhead (OSS23) posts on his FB account some vignette about a trucker laughing through a fiasco (his truck went off the road in bad weather) and of course Pumpkinhead does a shout out to the Girhippo:

"Isn't that how life is?  We laugh through the tough times."

Then the Gir chimes in and commiserates...ohhhh we have had it sooooooo tough and we stiiiiiiillllll maaannnnaaage to keeeeeep a smiiiiile on our faaaaaces!



WHAT tough times?  Other than the fact that your so-called mother filled you up with PIPE DREAMS of being a ROCK STAR and failed to prepare you for ADULTHOOD and would RATHER SEE YOU DIE ON A FLAMING CROSS than have you learn any USEFUL trade skills from your FATHER!   Oh and she never told you about the whopping piles of CASH aka CS that she received on your behalf and squandered that all away; letting you believe that your father didn't pay one red CENT!  So now you're working at a low rent grocery store as a clerk.  BOO frigin' HOO!!!


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But it's so TOUGH to have your pipe dreams go unrealized! It doesn't matter than they're 110% unrealistic and he has no talent! Why can't you feel sooooooooorry for him?!

~eye roll~

OW! I sprained my eyeball!

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Why do Bm's  post stuff like that? When you figure it out PLEASE let me know.

It seems a lot of bm's do this  Now wait until GP chime in, Uncles and Aunts.

For goodness sake--it's appears to be stunted growth somewhere around late Elementary school and Middle school age.


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but here the GROWN ASS PASed OUT, thoroughly ENMESHED to mommykins young man of 23 feels obligated to initiate and continue the false narrative!!!!!

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Keep a smile during tough times?

I can only interpret this to mean that they relish and enjoy adversity.

Sane people do not smile in tough times, but DO actively work towards better times and overall situations so that smiles may come naturally once again.