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Things We Weren't Invited To aka Missed...

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but I didn't:

-Pumpkinhead's (OSS23) so-called high school graduation where he passed with an average of 65 (precipice of failing)  He is the ONLY skid who didn't get on the "Ferality IEP" train

-Animal Torturer's (SD21) so-called high school graduation where she passed with an average of 55 (ten points BELOW failing because she got a speshul Ferality IEP)

I won't bemoan my absence at the Houseshitter's (YSS one month away from 17) farce of a graduation either if he doesn't get expelled or drop out before than.  He too has a Ferality IEP.



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legitimately passed.  We used to go to all the events in Girhippo town population 5K.  Their school district is the biggest farce in upstate NY as far as I'm concerned.   Almost all the kids are on IEP!  Something in the water or complete lack of parenting over there?

 She practically turned the entire town against us (think pitchforks and torches) so we stopped going.  I was getting split ends from the hate stares.

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He didn't really pass, they shoved him through.

But yeah, we just had to go to a big college field house where we knew no one.

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if that was the set up but it was right at the school auditorium itself. 

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I would love it if we weren’t invited to graduation, but know that BM will expect everyone to make a big deal because it will be a miracle when it happens. SSs are twins, so there should only be one graduation, but we’ll see if they both manage to graduate on time.

Right now, they are both on IEPs for “not otherwise specified” disabilities. It’s unclear if they were actually evaluated or if BM just managed to get them both IEPs through her threats and crying. I have worked with both on school work and feel as if they are both capable, but lazy. 

Every year I’ve known them, now going on five years, one has switched teachers mid-year because BM was offended that the teacher expected too much from her precious prince. One just dropped his computer science elective and now spends that period with the special ed teacher, because BM has recently had him diagnosed with OCD which translates into needing to take all of his tests in the resource room. This child’s problem is anxiety. BM loves to point out that he was diagnosed with anxiety at age 4...has she ever gotten him treatment, you ask? Only for a month and a half, after which point she stopped counseling because the counselor didn’t proclaim that neither child should see DH, so BM lost interest. Now with his new OCD diagnosis, he *might* go back to the counselor “at least once a month” according to BM.

For some reason their tiny school district is eager to provide extra special ed services every time BM demands them...maybe they feel bad for the kids, maybe they just want her to go away...I’m not really sure, but I wonder how the special ed teacher has so much time to devote to kids who need a kick in the pants more than they need extra help. 

If anything, she should be working to move them off IEPs for high school, but at this point, they are hopelessly far behind. In our state, it will be difficult for them to graduate, because you have to demonstrate college-level ability in math and English and eventually all that slacking off catches up to you. 

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 they are both on IEPs for “not otherwise specified” disabilities. It’s unclear if they were actually evaluated or if BM just managed to get them both IEPs through her threats and crying

just like the Girhippo!

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It's infuriating that the kids are on IEPs when they don't need them, and taking away resources from kids who legitimately could benefit from them. Let me guess- they're classified with "Other Health Impairment," right. What a crock. They should be classifed as you said, as "Feral."

Yet another reason NY state is BS.

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We are in a similar situation. 

DH did go to OSSs graduation but only because my BS was graduating at the same time.   Oss was polite and kind.  The last time that had happened.

DH wasn’t invited to go look at colleges, he found out months later where OSs was going.   BM reschedules OSSs graduation party to the week we were out of town on purpose so he couldn’t be there.

DH won’t be invited to OSSs college graduation this year.  Or MSSs high school graduation.  DH has no idea what MSSs plans are for after graduation or even what his grades are.  He has always been up and down on grades.  No clue if he can even get into college.  

This next spring will be horrible for DH.  He will miss all these milestones for the oldest spawns.   

I am secretly thrilled I won’t have to go sit and be uncomfortable knowing we are not wanted.   But for DHs sake I would go if he were invited.   

I’m so glad the spawn are adults now, I don’t expect them to grow brains and be good to DH.  But at least I can now verbally thrash them if given the chance.