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Your tax dollars at work

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Every year at this time the child support system spits out a statement saying that you are a week behind in your payment because their software is always a week behind.  We were told by a caseworker that their system is always a week off and they have to send out this pointless "info."

So they waste all this postage mailing this so-called information at least four or five sheets of it every single year the last week of September!!!!

More kindling for the wood stove!


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in Minnesota I pay the fees to be able to receive the piddly child support I get. It is worth it to never speak about money with my ex.

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Would it be tax dollars or the fees you have to pay? My partner has to pay a set amount at the start of the year to the child support office who tracks his payments. We've gotten tons of letters from them and it's frustarting because it's always the same stuff. The same threats. He is paying extra to get caught up so they never go through with the bigger ones like taking his license. In just the past two years he's paid over 1000 in back pay. That doesn't sound like alot I know but trust me when he's only bringing home about 900 a month it is.

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chef has to pay for the privilege of having CSEU confiscate his $$$$

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Nope. In our state the one paying has to pay the fee. They just tack it onto the payment owed at the start of the year.

It's not that high to be honest and I'm really not complaining since there's no way for BM to lie anymore and say that that she was or was not given the money. It is taken directly from his check and put into her account. He has records including his paystub showing they withheld it and the website showing they received it.

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No - I meant the state that thinkthrice and I both live in.  I know many states make the NCP pay for the pleasure of having his ex-wife garnish his money. 

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made sure she was "reimbursed" for the fee via increased CS.  The fee is going up next month to $35

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Don't you just love how they have all these "glitches" in their system that just can't seem to get fixed! My DH had to pay CS to CSS for one month. He talked to one of the ladies working there who told him he could come in pay it and be done. So he did! The next month he got a notice that they were garnishing his wages. DH went to the CSS office and they admitted there was a "glitch" in the system and that they would put a stop to it and get him reimbursed. Next payday he gets another wage garnishment letter. He goes to CSS again...oop sorry there's a "glitch" So now they have two months worth of CS from him. The next got it wage garnishment letter. DH finally contacted his lawyer who contacted CSS and suddenly they were able to fix the glitch! Plus get all his money back to him that week, and they wrote an apology letter for DH to present to his work so that it wouldn't affect his rating due to all the wage garnishment letters. Amazing what happens when you get a lawyer involved with CSS.