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HousesHitter (YSS18) Is Required to Go To Summer School

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As usual, but particularly embarrassing as this is his senior year.  Seems he crater failed everything so a letter came saying he either needs to go to summer school or repeat all courses next year in high school.  

Doesn't seem like he did hardly any of the credit recovery and I doubt the Girhippo would let him quit at this late date in the game.  

Prediction:  Four to six more weeks of snacks and socialization (summer school) to so-called make up for the entire senior year that he did nothing/was truant then he will graduate.


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Is this going to be an issue from the standpoint of child support? Here where we are, its 18 and graduate high school, and then child support ends.

From the standpoint of launching - he is going to not launch any time soon, its too comfortable. Hopefully you do not have to pick up that slack!

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CS continues here till age 21 regardless.

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Really knows how to screw fathers over...21!!!!

Ive read that here many times. It sickens me, really.

So, this "child" will be held back and no repercussions.

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Just six weeks of "summer school."  He has been failing since 1st grade and has always gone to summer school every year since.  He currently reads at a 4th grade level and does math at a 3rd grade level.


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markedly like learning disabilities or a low IQ. Does he have an IEP?

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IEP.   Smokescreen for zero parenting and zero rules.

  Since kindergarten, he was never made to do any schoolwork nor homework.  Sadly Chef was a culprit as he was competing to be the most "fun" parent with the Gir.  I was the ogre until I disengaged. 

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Does the HousesHitter have a career in mind once he finishes his final year of summer school?  I'm guessing that having the skills of a lower elementary school student (and probably a poor one at that) limits the options.  

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OSS (stb 26) was going to be a rock star.  He is actually a clerk at a low rent grocery store. 

SD (stb 24) was going to be in criminal justice She actually is a gig worker (doordash etc)

YSS the worst of the whole lot (not saying much) was going to be an actor or white rapper.  He is a drug fiend (pot, mushrooms, etc) and got fired from a number of part time jobs as he can't get there on time.   I would be surprised if he doesn't end up wearing orange as he is a pop up activist.  He has zero respect for adults or authority. 

At least the older two are working.