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And We Have a New WINNER (Loser)!!!

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The HousesHitter (YSS18) has had no less than sixty-two, that's right 62, unexcused LATES/TARDIES and thirty-four, yep count 'em, 34 absent/truants this school year with three weeks left to go!  He is usually 2 to 4 hours late EVERY DAY or missing entirely.  Despite this, he is still allowed extra curriculars such as lacrosse.

Way to go, MOTY Girhippo!!!

And yet they will graduate him.


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Yesterday I was looking for some paperwork I needed. In the folder I was searching, I found SS28s HS report card from when he lived with BM before he moved in with us. It took my breath away all these years later. Every grade was 50-55. Absent and late a ridiculous amount of times. There was a note attached from his guidance counselor, if I recall correctly, it was what DH took to court to get custody of him. Even then, the school knew that SS was better off with his dad. He did graduate HS while living with us. But he ended up moving back to BMs house a few years ago and he sleeps on her couch. Its a bit sad, he's a nice young man, he just has no goals or motivation. I wonder what his life is gonna end up like. MOTY is so happy to have him there and can care less if he does well or not.


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50-55 grades would be practically honor roll territory for the HousesHitter.  He barely makes it to 20.

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he should have been pulled and consequences.....oof.

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This reminds me so much of Spawn. Meth Mouth believed the only reason for school was so Spawn could socialize and meet boys. If Meth Mouth had kept custody I'm sure Spawn would have been 16 (maybe younger) and pregnant by a man well into his late 20's or early 30's.

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School is for mere socialization.  And the irony is that the Girhippo once worked for CPS as a caseworker and has been working as a foster parent counselor for quite some time now.


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Sd15 B/M does have a good attendance record.

But shes failing ART (not doing assignments), failing ORCHESTRA (not doing assignments) and probably a D in honors english (just not that good that english). Loads of missing work everywhere else - to the point that she would get A's but because not doing the work, just B's. Which is fine.

Shes so lazy, I just dont know how Ill do the next 3 years.

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so yep...they will graduate doubt on that.  They don't want him anymore than you do.  


UPSIDE for us...CS for GWR was officially ended yesterday and DH is getting a nice fat refund and Beaver gets to keep complaining she is broke.