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Get Out The Popcorn, Folks

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Received a letter today on the HousesHitter's (YSS 18) summer school schedule

it is a total of 24 days through the months of July and August.

The letter explicitly says that they will not allow tardiness or absenteeism.  They can tolerate No more than four days absence which,  in my opinion,  is extremely generous since they are supposedly making up for an entire school year.   It is actually a conglomeration of three school districts... interesting.

This ought to be good because the HousesHitter is late every day for school or completely truant.  He has managed to fail every course over the last 2 years, yet somehow magically retains the privilege of extracurricular activities; thus the summer school.

Just a brief recap for those of you Noobs, the BM (Girhippo) has never, ever, EVER made any of her three children attend school do class work or do homework.   Everything has been blamed on the breakup and divorce as a reason for why the ferals can't be taught daily life skills.  Because they are CODs, they are not accountable or responsible for anything but yet have had adult spousal privilege and are mini spouses from day one.

There are no house rules,  no proper eating requirements,  no bedtimes, no limitations on screen time ever since they have been young children.

Place your bets!

Will the HousesHitter:

1.  Give up and drop out

2.  Make an attempt to attend summer school yet still flunk out

3.  Attend high school next year

4.  "Successfully" attend summer school and graduate


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is my vote. 

No chance of #4 in my opinion!

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what happens when hes a failure to launch? when he ends up like SD22 Feral Forger? What is the plan for this almost adult?

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I foresee either he takes his GED and gets that, or opts to attend an alternative school that caters to kids like this and he passes that way.

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I say GED or he somehow gets passed. SS17 in my opinion did not deserve his diploma but.. he got it. Before covid he barely missed a day of school all year.. Online.. terrible. Slept through half his classes (I think.. not sure SO didnt discuss that with me but, I do know a letter was sent and from what SD and SS16 said) Skids (before covid) ALWAYS went to school. 

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Hidden Option 5:

He doesn't show but also doesn't drop out. He's lazy enough that the school will have to tell him he can't come back, and Gir will lose her mind because she's Gir. Then they'll either tell her too bad, so sad or give him a final, FINAL chance that he'll squander.

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4, assuming you mean "successfully" = showed up once or twice and they passed him anyway.


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gives him another year to f'off and do nothing.



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Got a copy for sure.

I just like to stay ahead of the game.  Sort of like Damocles sword

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I could see GWR failing just so he could stay in school and Beaver would allow him to work only part time..ya know so he could "concentrate" on school.  Alas, our state gives them the boot at 19 whether or not you have Beaver sort of pushed GWR to graduate so she can force him to get a full time job and make up the CS short coming.  Cause ya know someone has t make up the short coming....those nails aren't going to do themselves.