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First Paper Tiger "Warning" of the Year

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Generally speaking, the HousesHitter would have racked up many more disciplinary "warnings" in the first month than this school year due to the remote classes but here it is:


Description of Incident: HousesHitter has missed 5 PIG classes in September.

Date/Time Parent was Contacted: 10/01/2020

Behavior Has Occurred Before: Yes; 5 times

Student has an FBA: No

Student has an IEP: No ???

Student has a 504: No

Reason for Referral: Excessive absences

Corrective Steps Taken:

Parent contact

Previous Actions Taken: Email home to HousesHitter and Girhippo- Both replied and HousesHitter has attended the last two classes.

Comments: Missing 5 classes in a block schedule is like missing 10 classes. This will significantly impact HousesHitter's ability to be successful in classes this year. He needs to log on while out on remote days and join classes. Participation in Government is a required class for graduation. If he fails it in the Fall semester he will need to repeat it in the Spring semester.



If you ask me, the HousesHitter has NEVER failed PIG Classes LOL!


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Something to do with social studies as they used to call it, I guess.

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high school model.  DH just received a message the other day from school that GWR is failing several classes and not showing up for class.  

Girhippo and Beaver....the dynamic duo of parenting.