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Pumpkinhead (OSS 23.5) Sings the Praises of his "Family"

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on social media (Girhippo clan of course).  Says he is "proud of this family's morels"  (sic)

As regards their circling the wagons in times of crisis (the coronavirus)

Also found out that the Gir pulled the HousesHitter (YSS 17) out of school after last week's truancy days before the school closed because of Corona.   Umm he never attends school anyway...


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Maybe there was a big bag of dried mushrooms in the couch cushions after the soup cauldron deal was wrapped up, and he had a moment of tender reminiscing?

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new business? They are organic mushroom farmers now?

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The family that composts fungi together, stays together? 

Morels, indeed.