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Bought a Rental Property in Pumpkinhead (OSS 23)Town

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Actually Chef started his fam with the Girhippo in Pumpkinhead town.  They moved to Girhippoville, a 20 min drive Southeast to be closer to Battleaxe Galactica (Gir's enmeshed BM) and to go to a speck better school district.

Pumpkinhead Town is a 25 minute drive Northeast of me.  Circa 1874 2600 sq feet which was once a six bedroom single family house and now is a duplex.  Hopefully neither me nor Chef will run into the PASed out for 12 years Pumpkinhead nor the younger two ferals.

Chef has hired his half sister's BF to help out.  Nice guy and much too clever/wise to be hanging out with Chef's WTN family.

Meanwhile the official letter came in stating the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) is FAILING GYM due to "forgetting" his sneakers six times in a row.  Between constant tardiness and skipping altogether, the Girhippo is sprinting toward "Educational Neglect."  I predict he will be wearing orange before his 18th birthday.  Is that an emancipation event?


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THANK GAWD the housesh!tter forgets his sneakers.His feet must stink as bad as his unwashed sh!t smeared  a$$.

Holytoledo there would have to be a HazMat Team called in and a 5 mile circumference evacuation around the gym if his noxious odors were combined !

AND PRAY NO ONE LIGHT 's A MATCH near his  methane fume producing blow hole.

I am still *ROFL* at your description of Chef's relations and their home towns.

Now explain WHY  you want to move there?near the Pas'd out P-Head and the ferals?

Is this like a 30 day challenge and if you stay without killing yourself or Chef  you win a new washing machine or something?




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just investment property

Yes 3

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Would Chef ever consider trying to re-establish a relationship with Pumpkinhead now that he's on his own?

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OSS was his "least favourite" so to speak.  I am a HUGE believer in birth order.  Chef had nothing in common with OSS as the eldest.  Chef ADORED the Houseshitter (my least fav along with SD) The younger two took turns at being Chef's mini spouse.