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The HousesHitter (YSS17.5) Is Failing All Remote Subjects

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So it's remote summer school for him.  (insert eyeroll)

In other news, he's carrying on a bromance with StepDaddyBigBuck's brother and their family.  Weird.

StepUncle to HousesHitter:  "Love you, maaaaan!!!!"

HousesHitter to StepUncle: "Love you toooo, maaaan!"

Maybe he'll move in with StepUncle and accidentally emancipate himself.


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We just found out SS15 was expelled from school prior the stay at home order for trying to hurt another student and requiring police involvement at the school.  It will be interesting if we ever find out if he gets enrolled in homeschooling and she does the work for him or if she finds a school willing to take him.  

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Neither SS is doing any work right now. They are middle school, though and their district has decided to not give grades to middle schoolers, so they will not face any consequences. Instead, they are marked "absent" every week and the district is requesting / hoping that parents inspire their "absent" students to participate in school. BM has apparently not been moved to encourage them. 

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no response from Girhippo nor StepDaddyBigBucks.  And the Gir works as a foster parent counselor!!!

Come on StepUncle!!!  Of course that will last shorter than when Pumpkinhead (OSS) accidentally emancipated himself by moving in with Uncle Kinky  (lasted less than 6 months)

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to emancipate himself by dropping out of High School  haven't seen hide nor hair of him in over a year but do know that he is in summer school again for sophmore English..this will be his third time taking that class.  He failed Speech and US Goverment this the odds of him finishing high school are slim to none.