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Interesting and good answer to a Dear Abby topic.

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I found this response to a Dear Abby topic to be right on target.

DEAR ABBY: In a family, blended or otherwise, the adults are the heads of the family. It's the so-called "executive system." Their relationship must be kind, harmonious and respectful because it sets the tone for the entire family dynamic.

The fiance may love his children, but he's actually causing them more harm by allowing them to rule the roost and see him essentially mistreat the woman and child with whom he has lived for three years. The part of your advice I agree with is that the woman should not marry him. -- THERAPIST IN MAINE

All marriage counselors should listen to this professional.

IMHO of course.

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After a comment this morning that could have caused a breaking point for me in whether I continue on this relationship or not....I really needed to read this. Thanks Rags for posting Smile