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The UNIVERSE is Telling me to EXIT this YEAR!!

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GG was walking on air last night; so proud he could crap himself (shout out to Houtxstepmom's Cap'n Shittypants)

Backstory: So GG writes a six paged, handwritten, "heartfelt" letter (not shown to me of course) and sends it priority mail to the skids shortly after I get back from Awesomeson's AF graduation.

GG thinks that b/c I have a good relationship with my grown, productive, properly parented as children bios, that HE should be ENTITLED to a guilty/disney dad relationship with his spoiled, rude, bratty, lying, stealing, sociopathic, underachievers.

Apparently the Behemoth got the letter which supposedly "called out the Behemoth, Uncle Kinky, the Wookie," etc and supposedly gave it to the skids (yeah right)

Well VD (SD13--the WORST of the lot and problem child) texted GG. . .

"Liven yong wild n free"

(nice text after almost 4 years of being PASed out and standing up GG thrice for a so-called "counselor's meeting" last year; whatever happened to "hi dad, this is VD?")

Then she texted him again just before 9 p.m.

"this is VD ur doter incas u need my cellfone"

GG: "that's a weird text after she read my heartfelt lettter"

Me: "Who's to say she read your letter? Odds are the Behemoth intercepted your letter and just gave VD your phone number off of it."

GG (silence)

I feel a case of the MINI WIFE coming on this year!! And probably the return of the dreaded Prince Hygiene (SS9)

SO glad I'm exiting this year!!


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Funny you should say that. I used to own rental property and was very skilled (through the advice of experienced property owners) how to deal with wayward tenants!!

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i can't wait for you to get out of that dysfunctional mess of gg and the skids. please tell me vd (always makes me think venereal disease) was doing that stupid text spelling thing that kids do and that she doesn't actually think the words are spelled that way?

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She actually does spell that way in real life. She has even misspelled her OWN name! She's in the 7th grade and functions at a 2nd grade level. Not because she is dumb but because she's been raised on the instant gratifiation model since she popped out of the Behemoth's va-j-j.

Everything has to be EASY for VD or she won't even try. She has never had to put any effort into anything; it's all been simply handed to her and she's become accustomed to that.

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The Behemoth got her labeled "learning disabled--other" after testing her numerous times until she got the golden "disabled" category.

This has two "benefits"

1. It covers for her shoddy non-parenting BFF model
2. She can get extra gov't money for having a "disabled" child.

Her future? preggers at 16, welfare, pole dancing; possible marrying a sugar daddy.

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So happy for you. You will be so happy once you've shed all that dead weight. I can't even imagine WTF GG is going to do with himself once you're gone. "doter? liven yong?" Holy shit....

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Nope just mine. But GG considers it 100% his and is not afraid to go to jail for ofting me, etc. etc. He has threatened me many times b/c I'm his "meal ticket" and he likes to "keep me in line."

I'm seeing an attorney next month for my options. We are not married. THANK GOD I said NO when he kept pestering me to get married so he could lock in his meal ticket while he shelled out CS to the Behemoth who is rolling in dough (vacations 3+ times a year; while we burn wood for heat)

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To be honest if he knew he was getting served he would greet the server at the door with a rifle and shoot him/her dead.

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He's threatened you? Are you frigging kidding me? Uuugghhh.....My prayers are with you that you are able to free yourself from this SOB sooner than later.

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OH yeah he's been threatening me ever since we "moved closer to the skids" (TM) If I didn't know better I'd swear this house has "evil energy" or something.

It's only escalated with his self-marination every evening. I have simply done "defusion" speech to keep him from getting violent.

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I'm worried, I imagine, because I know you are incredibly intelligent that you plan to leave and not stay there do you? Can you sell the house out from under him and live else where until he's gone?

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I plan to move out silently when he is least expecting it (just before the oldest, Brainiac turns 16; he's EXPECTING me to "help" buy him a car)

I'll be talking to the attorney next month about options. He can live there and rent from a property mgmt company of my choice under a lockdown rental agreement. (more stuff to discuss with attorney on the 6th)

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It will be a property mgmt company not me directly. I don't know what's going to go down. If he wants to sell and I give him some proceeds for his "labour" then so be it to get rid of him.

To be honest my giving him room and board all these 9 years, paying all the bills, getting him out of legal hot water with the Behemoth, doing the taxes, etc. FAR outweigh any "contributions" he's made.

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Aut, will he have any common law rights due to the fact you've been living together for 9 years? And if he can't even contribute to the bills now, where the hell is hegonna get money from to RENT your house? Ay, ay, ay....

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I just got it re-fied from $814 a month to $544 which he should be able to handle. (no frills of course; no satellite tv, internet in question, etc.) BWA HA HA HA :evil:

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i just laughed out loud when i read this! bs4 is right beside me and said "that's funny mom!" the funniest thing is that i KNOW you are 100% serious! Biggrin

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Auteur, aren't threats illegal, maybe you can get him locked up and then leave??

I am so happy you are getting out honey!!!

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I'm not sure on that. I'll talk to the attorney on it. I just want to go my separate way and he goes his with no trouble and WITHOUT taking a financial bath!!