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If I was petty

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YSS spring on us the other day, last second, that he has a band concert that night. Great (insert eye roll). I just love having to attend boring school functions last second.   Well I went with DH to keep him company and it actually wasn’t bad.   They played 6 songs and we were out of there.   I didn’t notice BM or her SO anywhere but didn’t look too hard.

We take YSS with us afterward and he has to stop at BMs to get his school stuff.   And wouldn’t you know it, BMs car was in the driveway.   YSS said they told him they couldn’t go to his concert because they had shopping to do.   YSS went in and came back out saying “they haven’t even left yet!!”  He was implying that they could have gone but didn’t.

now this is exactly the scenario that BM used to PAS OSs/MSS against DH.   Only he would miss sporting events due to working eveninoand weekends.   She would trash him like crazy and completely destroyed his relationship with them.

Now if I was a petty person, I would have made a huge stink and blasted her for missing the concert, trashed her to YSS and made a huge deal of it. 

Lucky for her I don’t care what the skank does.


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Didn't you know that GUBM's get a pass for dtuff like this while the dads must give in to their every demand.

Was BM single when she was PASing and now that she has a SO things are different? Just  curious 

Maybe he shouldn't have sprung it on her last minute too...or was that onlt for DH & you