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Same Crap different Skid

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DH and knew it would happen eventually so neither of us are shocked, just tired of a third time through skid hell. 

Yss13 is the only kid that comes over.  Older two SSs have been successfully PASd.   YSS is a decent kid but starting the hormonal jerk stage.  Moody and pouty. 

Yesterday YSS was home with me while DH worked.   It wasn’t a big deal for me since I work from home.  My job is demanding so I am at my desk from 7:30 am until 5 pm with breaks to grab a bite to eat and take it back to my office.  Especially on a short work week.

Yss woke up around 11 am and immediately went to play video games.  Great no problem.  DH gets home and goes to see YSS.  YSS is moody and pouty.  DH asks why and YSS claims he was bored all day.  DH asks YSS why was he bored and what would be be doing if he was at BMs.  YSS says he would be watching tv.  DH asks why YSS didn’t watch TV instead of being bored.  Get this...YSS claims it was because I was watching TV!!!  WHAT??? Is he insane?   I didn’t touch the TV or even interact with YSS because I was at the opposite end of the house working.   Well luckily DH knows what I do all day at work and called him out on his bull crap lie!! 

I however and furious.  Not because DH believed him because he didn’t.  But because this is the same shit I dealt with the older two and the same reason I disengaged rom them.   I was so mad I didn’t say one word to YSS all day today.  Not that he noticed.   

I am torn between saying something to YSS about his lie or just let it go.   I just am so over being the scapegoat for their crappy attitudes!!


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YSS13 please remove me name from your mouth and don't talk about me seeing as all you do is lie...happy Thanksgiving!

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I would call him out on it. Why just let him think he has gotten away with such an obvious lie? Your DH knows the truth and should call him out on it, as well.

I guess I am just tired of all of the bullshit.

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DH *should* call the feral out but he probably won't due to this is his last kid that hasn't PASed out...yet.

I give it another year before he's fully PASed out.  Obviously mommykins has told him that he can lie on SM and get away with it because SM "deserves" it. 

"I'm bored!"  The lament of the spoiled COD.

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Your DH should have reeled off a list of all the chores that SS could have done to avoid boredom and advised him to do so next time he felt "bored".

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The bonus in doing this will be that this feral will alienate that much faster!

Again, Dad will not do this because he does not want to have the third one alienated although it is inevitable.  Experienced this personally with chefs three ferals.

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Yes, DH should call him out on it.  Even if the kid ends up alienated, he might at least have some respect for DH.

But I can't imagine how hard it is to watch this happening for a 3rd time. Once was bad enough.

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What a slickster. Maybe mommy turns on the TV for him at home? lol

We're in the same mode here. Everything in this house is inferior to BMs house.  BMs is magical and exciting. Our house is like prison. Never mind that they have a TV and gaming system all to themselves in the upstairs loft area here.