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Thanks for the reminder YSS

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Maybe it’s the fact my BS is coming home for a visit this weekend or who knows why, I had the warm and fuzzies!   As I’m walking down the hall to give DH a kiss goodbye I was thinking to myself....”Next weekend is DHs birthday. Maybe I should plan for YSS to come over that night and we can all go out to dinner to celebrate”.  I mean it isn’t like OSs or MSS will even acknowledge DH so why not make it a good evening for DH.

Then YSS reminds me of why this will not be happening.  DH and I were discussing what snacks and food YSS and BS would like this weekend since they both eat a ton.   DH was trying to hard to get YSS to talk to him and YSS was mute.  YSS just stormed through the kitchen with a scowl and an attitude.  He was rude and moody!

THIS is exactly the reason I will not be spending extra time or money inviting YSS on our dinner out. 

Now im not totally evil, I will plan a birthday cake and presents next week while YSS is here for his regulR visit.  But no extras for dinner on DHs actual birthday. 

And I will make it a surprise so DH can’t invite YSS along.  

Thanks YSS for reminding me exactly why I disengage from your brothers and eventually you.   


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I know how you feel. I used to try to include SD in so many more things then I do now (in exchange for my own happiness). I still slip now and again and but have learned to do less and less each year. And actually so has her DH. He is seeing her apathy in so much so he has stopped planning things around her. 

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with the skids.  They were already being PASed to the nines so they showed little interest in planning this stuff.  Mostly with this disgusted, jaded, spoiled brat look on their faces so I stopped doing stuff like that.  I never received anything for my birthday except what Chef said that "skid picked out for me"  (yeah right).