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And now SS #3

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Quick background....married to DH 9 years.   He has three sons.  OSS and MSS have been PASd for at least 3-4 years by BM.   So far YSS14 has not been PASd.   From day one OSs and MSS dislikes me and my BS.   After a few years of trying to be understanding and make an effort, I stopped trying and disengaged.   

Well YSS and I have never been super close but we are cordial and friendly.   He will talk to me sometimes and sometimes be is very quiet.  That is just how the older two were as well.  They get that from BM.   Someone i knew who were around the SSs called them "creepy quiet" one time.  It is a fitting description. 

Anyway, I have noticed the last few months that YSS looks at me as if he hates my guts whenever I walk into the room and DH isn't around.   Now I honestly don't care.   Been down that road with the first two.  But I hate it for DH.   If things continue like this, I can see YSS being PASd out as well.   That will kill DH.  And I can see DH doing anything to keep YSS around.  YSS will take advantage of that once he smells DHs weakness.   

And before anyone says it is boy hormones....I can accept that may be some of the issue.  But considering I just blew off MSSs high school graduation last weekend, I am sure BM and her SO had plenty of SM bashing to do afterward.   

This coming weekend is YSS weekend.   Maybe I can find somewhere to go so I can get a break from stephell!!


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My own DS looked like someone force fed him a sh1t pie at that age. All three looked angry for about a year, heck, OSS may still be on the man-rag. And I am sure they all fed each other's angst  

If he doesn't grow out of it in a year then it's probably a permanent personality trait. 

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This made my day!!!  I actually cracked up.   And it does accurately describe each one of my SSs.    I couldn't care less.   And when I look back at a time when I did care and let it actually bother me...I could kick my own A$$

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An escape for step parents. You have to have a stamp in your passport that shows you're a step to get in. And first step to apply wins for those of us who have exes or our SOs or SOs ex who are also steps.