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Snow Days

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WTH!!  Why does it always seem like the school has a delayed day or snow day when we have YSS???  Really?  

Just venting here.  For some reason YSS has been getting on my nerves lately.   He isn’t doing anything malicious or on purpose to annoy me.   Just the blind self centered behavior of a teenager, the loud eating, lazy behavior and overall pouting when he doesn’t get his way.

BM sticks it to herself

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My last blog was about sick YSS and how BM let YSS stay home from school but wouldn’t take him to the doctor.  Instead she sent YSS to our house along with the insurance card and told DH to take him.  When DH reminded BM he had to work the next day, BMs response was that DH better hurry and get him to the clinic that night instead.  So Instead if letting. YSS suffer all night like BM had done all day, DH took him to the clinic.  

Sick YSS and our weekend

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Well I figured out why YSS was so grumpy this week, he is sick.  I had very little contact with him this week so I wasn’t aware of this until after he had gone and of course after he contaminated the entire house!   

It seems not only is YSS sick but so is MSS and OSs.   Not that we ever see MSS and OSs.   

I was shocked to hear DH say he hoped YSS doesn’t come for his visit this weekend because he is sick.   Not that smash doesn’t care but because my bs is coming home and we had plans to go do things and YSS would not feel up to it.  

Thanks for the reminder YSS

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Maybe it’s the fact my BS is coming home for a visit this weekend or who knows why, I had the warm and fuzzies!   As I’m walking down the hall to give DH a kiss goodbye I was thinking to myself....”Next weekend is DHs birthday. Maybe I should plan for YSS to come over that night and we can all go out to dinner to celebrate”.  I mean it isn’t like OSs or MSS will even acknowledge DH so why not make it a good evening for DH.

Waiting for the knife in the back

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It’s so sad how whenever BM does a nice or the right thing, we sit back and wait for the knife to come get us in the back.   Because no good deed goes unpunished.

Accodring to DH/ BM divorce decree, they alternate kids for taxes.  One year DH claims one and The next year he claims two of the kids.   And EVERY single year she has found a way to screw us.  It’s to the point we actually try to guess how she Screw us over taxes. 

Now that OSS is an adult and MSS will not quality for child tax credit, we expected yet again to get shafted. 

DH can’t take hint

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I have noticed a lot lately that DH is asking YSS a lot of questions about OSS and MSS (who have been PASd for 3 or more years).  He is doing it in a friendly and non confrontational manner and acting like it is just Norma conversation.  However, it is making YSS uncomfortable.   Last week I was witness to these questions and I started cringing.  Not because YSS showed much objection but just because I could feel how odd it all seemed.  

Well YSS finally told DH he didn’t want “put in the middle” the last time DH was asking about YSS and MSS.   

O/T it had to laugh at this

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DH and I have a group of close friends we have vacationed with, spent time with for about 6 years. We used to be even closer but a few years ago one woman in the group, I will call karen, for jealous that I and another woman ( her supposed BFF) were hanging out too much.  Now this bff and I live next door to each other and Karen lives in another town and the bff and I were working out together.  Karen was invited to join us but never did. 

Thursday Throwback Funny

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I was just reading something online that reminded me of one of the funniest moments of unintentional payback/karma in step hell.

Just a reminder, OSS and MSS have been PASd out for at least 3-4 years.  And have been horrible spawn to DH for no reason.  That’s PAS for ya.

So probably 3-4 years ago, OSS and MSS we’re still coming around but regular and pretty much only when they wanted something.   

If I was petty

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YSS spring on us the other day, last second, that he has a band concert that night. Great (insert eye roll). I just love having to attend boring school functions last second.   Well I went with DH to keep him company and it actually wasn’t bad.   They played 6 songs and we were out of there.   I didn’t notice BM or her SO anywhere but didn’t look too hard.