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Oh I hope I am wrong

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I think I have posted a few times about YSS wanting to stick around our house longer and longer each week.   Well in the last 10 days, we had him 7 and BM had him 2.  He was supposed to go to BMs yesterday but he had a friend pick him up and he stayed all night with a friend.    My gut is telling me that YSS May end up living with us soon.   I can see the writing on the wall.   YSS apparently hates going home to BMs.   I don't know if it is because of OSS and MSS or because he gets ignored...:or maybe he hates hearing BM and SO trash DH.   

Noticing a shift in YSS

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Since this whole COVID-19 drama and schools being out, I've noticed a change in YSS.   Now I am the first to say I am over him being here so much.  I'm used to him being at school during the day and since there is no school....he is here on visit days.   DH is here during one of the days with YSS but has to work the other day YSS is here.   

Don’t expect me to do it!!

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Well here we are winding down another weekly skid visit.   As I sit here typing, YSS is in the next room playing video games.   He just woke up an hour ago.   
DH is at work and calls to check in.   He asks if YSS is up, I explain yes he just got up and that he is playing video games.   

Last night DH was asking YSS about some school project.  DH wanted to see it and YSS wasn't having it.  Apparently it is some game or whatever, I wasn't interested nor listening closely. 

Too much togetherness

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I will admit the last few weeks have been trying.  DH is working Less than half his normal hours (but thankful he has a job) and is here more than normal.  My patience has shortened and I am on the verge of going crazy.

Pouting YSS

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This past week has been trying for sure. Stuck in quarantine with DH and YSS13 part time.   I am used to having a lot of alone time while DH works but he is off work during this two week period.  Ughhh

This last week We had gone to the store and made sure we had enough food to get us through a few weeks.  We bought two gallons if milk.  We Wednesday evening when we went to bed we had 1 1/4 gallons of milk left.   Thursday morning we had zero.  YSS has drank the 1/4 gallon and left the entire full gallon of milk out in the counter to spoil.  Ughhhhhhh

Is it too much to ask???

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Not really virus related but partially.   Since we are ok pretty much quarantined at this point I think we are going a little stir crazy.   I know even before all this I was getting a bit peeved with DH since he has done zero to help around the house.  I can't remember the last time he cooked or even did a load of laundry.  So this has been building for a while.  And since he just got laid off for two weeks, that isn't helping my mood.