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Not sure how to approach this

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A few week ago my BS was home for a visit.  His sister was getting married so he spent a lot of time going back and forth.   The final few days he was here, YSS was also here.   We are all hanging out watching TV when YSS walks through the living room wearing some of BSs sweats.  I was shocked but thought maybe BS had given them to him since BS didn't say anything.   
The next day BS was carrying on about not having any shorts and implying I have them away or they were taken by YSS.  I knew I had sent them to BS but he was venting so I just walked away and he got over it. 

Lord give me strength

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Just had the latest interaction with snotty YSS.   After enduring side eye and avoidance from him for two days I thought I was free from him for a few days.  Nope!  I'm working away minding my own business when I get a text from YSS saying he forgot something at the house.   Internally I am screaming but figure I can just unlock the door and won't have to actually see him in person.   I don't respond to the text, since it didn't require a response and go unlock the door.  I get back to work and hear the dogs barking.

“How much did ______ cost???

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Seems like DH and I have been getting that question at least once or twice a visit for the past several months.   And the question is totally random and not a part of any conversation.    

Last week we were all outside getting ready to work in the yard shen yss, out of no where, asks dH how much his truck cost.   DH has caught in to this tactic a long time ago when MSS would try it.   DH likes to respond with a vague answer.  Sometimes YSS will drop it but this time YSS pushes for a more specific answer.   Again DH didn't tell him.  

School Clothes Shopping

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This year I was able to get out of going with DH and YSS to do clothes shopping for school.  I was so happy.  And then yesterday I find out we have to take YSS back to the store to exchange a few things because they didn't try anything in when shopping the first time.   And DH resized he bought YSS all bottoms and only one shirt.  Insert eye roll.

Maybe I’m selfish

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I think about that a lot.  Maybe I am selfish for not wanting to deal with my horrible stepkids.   Maybe I am selfish for starting to resent my DH for feeling like I am stuck here.   My BS is launched...a did my job and raised him to be a good human.  Now I am ready to begin pre-retirement.  But I can't because DH wants to wait until YSS has graduated.   

Maybe I am selfish for not wanting to spend money on his kids and would rather fix my hiuse up so i can sell it.  Maybe I am selfish for hating it when my skid is here.  

And now SS #3

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Quick background....married to DH 9 years.   He has three sons.  OSS and MSS have been PASd for at least 3-4 years by BM.   So far YSS14 has not been PASd.   From day one OSs and MSS dislikes me and my BS.   After a few years of trying to be understanding and make an effort, I stopped trying and disengaged.   

Grad ceremony update

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Wow it's been a crazy week so just now getting to update on graduation.   
DH went to MSSs graduation and I stayed home.  The ceremony was outside and they all had to wait as a group before being escorted to their area to sit.  The text BM sent DH about grad said masks were required.  Guess who shows up without any masks....BM, her SO and YSS.   Yup...DH and BMs elderly parents had to stand in the hot sun waiting for BM SO and YSS to get masks.  Omg.   

No ceremony for me!!

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DH gets a text last night from BM with details on MSS s graduation this weekend and asking if we are going.  Apparently there are strict rules for people going and she wanted us to know.    Wear mask, social distancing etc.  Except each graduate is allowed a certain number of guests and they ALL have to sit together.   This makes Zero sense and who is going to enforce it but whatever.