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If I was petty

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YSS spring on us the other day, last second, that he has a band concert that night. Great (insert eye roll). I just love having to attend boring school functions last second.   Well I went with DH to keep him company and it actually wasn’t bad.   They played 6 songs and we were out of there.   I didn’t notice BM or her SO anywhere but didn’t look too hard.

Same Crap different Skid

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DH and knew it would happen eventually so neither of us are shocked, just tired of a third time through skid hell. 

Yss13 is the only kid that comes over.  Older two SSs have been successfully PASd.   YSS is a decent kid but starting the hormonal jerk stage.  Moody and pouty. 

Yesterday YSS was home with me while DH worked.   It wasn’t a big deal for me since I work from home.  My job is demanding so I am at my desk from 7:30 am until 5 pm with breaks to grab a bite to eat and take it back to my office.  Especially on a short work week.

Oss found a mini BM

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We have been getting tidbits of info on OSS from YSS.   YSS still comes over and we haven’t seen OSS in three years.  Oss is due to graduate college this spring.  From what YSS says, OSs has the job of a lifetime lines up after Graduation and has a pretty great future.  We are all happy for him despite him being a jerk to DH.

BM is driving herself crazy

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Since DH has literally no relationship with OSS and MSS, BM has decided on her own that she will provide everything for MSS and we are responsible for everything for YSS.  Oss is an adult and on his own in the courts eyes.  We don’t really care since YSS comes around and is mostly a decent kid.

Strange FB friend request

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This morning I wake up to find a very unexpected friend request on FB.....BM’s father!!

Now I have BM and her SO blocked.  I only have YSS as a friend on my social media and I block a lot of what he can see.   Mainly because anytime we post about an activity, trip or fun time...BM would either blast DH or have MSS blast him for daring to have fun without the spawn.   Since they have been blocked there have been no more issues.

So why would an 80 something year old man (who has never been anything but silently rude to me) send me a Friend request at 4 am????

Skids and Pet Peeves

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Do you have any pet peeves the SKids do that drive you up a wall.   Not that they are doing it intentionally but just their habits and actions make you cringe??

My YSS does something that makes my skin crawl.  I have to fight the urge to scream at the top of my lungs for him to STOP!!  

He slurps and smacks his mouth every time he eats.  Doesn’t matter what it is he is eating...he does it EVERY time.

Should have known too good to last

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My DH has be fuming right now.  And of course it involves lack of communication where YSS is concerned.   This man can go into pain staking details about crap I have zero interest in but when it comes to giving me a heads up about changes in the visitation schedule, I am the last to know.  And he swears EVERY time that he has told me, when he hasn’t.

As it should be!

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Just so happens my DH had to go out of town for work the exact days we would have YSS.   At no time was it mentioned or considered that I would be taking YSS in DHs absence.   I will admit I am slightly giddy with joy at the prospect of having three days to myself and no YSS.   Despite the fact I like YSS (like not love) I am thrilled with the few days of solitude.  

Im sure BM is using this as an excused to totally trash me to the SS’s.   Don’t care....the fact that my existence alone can cause BM so much angst is revenge enough for me.



Miserable BMs created misery

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My SSs BM must be the most miserable person on earth.  She wants nothing more than to be nasty and PA.   Last week she got snarky with DH for missing a jr high football game.  DH was helping our dear friends whose child had just been severely injured and needed immediate modifications to their home so the child could get in the house.  She blasted DH for missing a game when DH had explained why he would be fine to YSS.  Since BM has zero friends, she wouldn’t understand what it means to help someone in need.