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Miserable BMs created misery

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My SSs BM must be the most miserable person on earth.  She wants nothing more than to be nasty and PA.   Last week she got snarky with DH for missing a jr high football game.  DH was helping our dear friends whose child had just been severely injured and needed immediate modifications to their home so the child could get in the house.  She blasted DH for missing a game when DH had explained why he would be fine to YSS.  Since BM has zero friends, she wouldn’t understand what it means to help someone in need.

MSS The Golden child

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Sadly I have had the unlucky experience of being near BMs home a few times over the past few weeks.    Not something I enjoy at all.   But in the process I have noticed an old (very old) pick up truck parked toward the back of their property.  At first I thought it was a relatives truck who was visiting.  However it has been in the same spot for weeks now.  I think I have it figured out.  I bet money it is a truck for MSS17 for when he gets his drivers license.   

Oh DH you are out of your mind!

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DH just called and is clearly having a crappy day.   He is all worked up over a text from BM.   She send him a message about YSSs football meeting which is tomorrow.  I knew about the meeting but didn’t say anything to DH because I am disengaged.  Not my kid.   So BM sends him a text about the meeting.  It starts at 6 but he doesn’t get off work until 6 and the meeting is 30 minutes from his job.   He is upset that she didn’t tell him sooner...SMH!!  Then he has the brilliant idea that just to get back at her he will have me go to the football meeting and sit until he gets there!  

Awwwww Peace and Quiet

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Ok Gang....admit it.  There is no better feeling in the world than when your skid walks out the door to go to BMs.  It’s like a huge boulder gets lifted off my chest and the sun shines.  I swear I hear birds singing in the background!  

Even though I like my YSS...there is still no better feeling than those seconds after he leaves!  

Missing the Milestones

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I won’t life and marriage have been 100 times better since my OSS21 and MSS16 have been PAS’d out by BM.  It’s amazing how much different our house feels now.  However, with all good things comes a price.  

For the most part municipal DH has gone through the phases of grief over losing his older

And the cycle continues

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Back Story:   

BM has PASd oss21 and mss17 to the point they hate DH.  DH has done nothing wrong but BM has bashed him repeatedly to the point they make up Imaginary offenses and refuse contact.   It started slowly at first with the “you never take us to do fun things” crap as well as “you never buy us...(insert the demand of the moment) DH works weekend and BM uses that as a nail to drive through his heart with the SSs.  Every missed ballgame, BM was bashing DH to the SSs.   Every time he worked late they were rude and nasty to DH.  You get the point.

DH repeating the same mistakes

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For background DH has three sons.   The older two are majority PAS’d out.  They will have nothing to do with him.  They are rude nasty entitled jerks who treated him like an atm.   And DH allows it.  He kissed their butt, allowed them to rule the roost until they finally lost every ounce of respect for him because he has zero backbone.   Honestly we lucked out when they stopped coming over.