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BM is driving herself crazy

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Since DH has literally no relationship with OSS and MSS, BM has decided on her own that she will provide everything for MSS and we are responsible for everything for YSS.  Oss is an adult and on his own in the courts eyes.  We don’t really care since YSS comes around and is mostly a decent kid.

The crappy part is he comes with demands from BM every weekend to buy clothes, school supplies and most recently a coat.   Again we have no issues buying YSS a winter coat.   The only problem is YSS.  He is horrible to take shopping.  He refuses to help find what he is wanting.  He has an idea of what he wants but doesn’t verbalize it so we are left saying “what about this coat?” Ten million times.   So I stayed home and DH took YSS shopping. Of course they came home with nothing much to BMs frustration.  

Once hime I began asking YSS some questions to pull out of him what style he wanted.  Within 30 minutes I had found several options online and he excitedly chose the one he wanted.  We ordered it and done.

Then YSS says he has to ask BM if it’s ok because she will refuse to let him wear it if she doesn’t like it.   I told him if we buy it he is wearing it.  Then he said he didn’t care what BM said he loved the coat.

Apparently BM Hates the coat because it is a fashionable trendy style and well she is basically a dude with boobs and lives in sweats and T-shirt’s.  YSS is very into looking stylish and nothing like BM at all.   Then YSS tells us that BM asked him how much we paid for the coat.   I had to bite my tongue in that.

BM just cannot stand not controlling what we do.  She drives herself nuts blasting YSS with texts messages wanting to know everything we do the entire time we have YSS.  And the funny thing is, we don’t give her a second thought.  Hahaha. Good to know we can make her miserable without any effort!