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Pouting YSS

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This past week has been trying for sure. Stuck in quarantine with DH and YSS13 part time.   I am used to having a lot of alone time while DH works but he is off work during this two week period.  Ughhh

This last week We had gone to the store and made sure we had enough food to get us through a few weeks.  We bought two gallons if milk.  We Wednesday evening when we went to bed we had 1 1/4 gallons of milk left.   Thursday morning we had zero.  YSS has drank the 1/4 gallon and left the entire full gallon of milk out in the counter to spoil.  Ughhhhhhh

DH went to get more milk and I told him to wake YSS up and make him go since he did it.  Of course DH didn't do that because he won't upset poor widdle YSS. 
Then I notice YSS has eaten some of my favorite ice cream.  I bought DH and YSS their own and there was still some left.  Nope he ate mine.  Then he manages to camp his butt out in my chair to watch his movies and doesn't move when I'm come in.   I can't sit on the couch because it hurts my back.  DH says nothing.  

So just to be a spiteful shit...I am hogging the TV.  I have it on the dumbest tv show you can imagine and am not even paying attention to it.  YSS is pouring and I don't care.   I'm so over this crap.    I think all this togetherness is going to push me over the edge.  



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If your numbnuts husband won't open his mouth you can. Just tell the brat to keep his hands off of YOUR belongings. 

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Jeez. I'd magically disappear his ice cream. It's not a necessity. Buh-bye SS ice cream.

DH is the same. Over how many times did I advise him to get SDs to help clean/fix/go to store if they caused something? Many. How mant times did he do it? Twice. Took YSD to store twice. In 6 years. Both in last 6 months.

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Leave the ice cream out to melt overnight. Hide anymore snacks from the two of them.  Keep hogging the TV. Think again about not speaking up for yourself. It might make DH parent to prevent your rage. 

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I'd personally eat some of SSs ice cream. " Well I saw that you took some of mine so I thought we'd share" 

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Agreed with ALL of the above suggestions.

Often, other people just need a dose of their own medicine as a cure for their own idiocy!

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It is nice to know that people are finally realizing their value and not tolerating poor treatment. Sad that the poor treatment had to occur in one long-term exposure mega dose for it to happen, but it's always lovely to see people valuing themselves as human beings.