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More YSS and car drama

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A few separate storylines are coming together.

Back here my spidey senses were telling me a car was coming for YSS: And I was dead-right. BM and YSS went car shopping and he got a POS that's half metal and half rust. Also it's a manual transmission that neither BM nor YSS nor OSS know how to drive so not really sure how they got it back to BMs.

YSS did get a friend to teach him how to drive it. But as with almost everything YSS gets, he has buyers remorse (because he's a huge impulse buyer and both DH and BM fed into that instead of teaching him to be discerning). While OSS was off at college, YSS started using OSSs car. I have no opinion about that, except that YSS started to scale up OSSs car after OSS had told YSS not to do anything to it and I think that wasn't appropriate since YSS now had his own car he just *had to have.* 

In a recent post YSS was coming over to stay the night because he was being a dick to BM and she called him out and he didn't like it. Seems that the thing that she bought for OSS that YSS flipped out about was new headlight bulbs for OSSs car. Apparently YSS thought he should get them because he had put new bulbs in OSSs car while he was driving it around this winter---instead of driving his own car. I personally think that if he was driving it and something went wrong it was on him to fix it, with no special treatment like he should get similar things for his car.

And it came out that stuff just keeps going wrong on YSSs car and he wants to fix it but doesn't know how and the car has been sitting up on blocks in BMs garage for months. Tireless, no back brakes (because they are shot but YSS doesn't know what he's doing to fix them), and undriveable. Apparently he had some grand idea of fixing it up and selling it for big, big bucks (like triple what he paid for it).


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If you weren't disengaged, I'm sure you would be pulling out all your hair piece by piece.  Take deep breaths. The drama goes on and on.....

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That buying a POS car is going to cost him more to fix it up then it's worth. 
Try to stay out of this, or it's going to cost you a lot of money to fix something that going to died 

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And thankfully this is one area where DH was pissed he wasn't included in the decision or asked for advice so he feels no need to rescue YSS.