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SS thinks he so smart!!

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So last night OSS knocked on our bedroom door and asked for a bottle of water. I told DH that he still has two full bottles of water in his room. So DH told SS to drink the two bottles of water that are in his room and then he can have another bottle of water. SS says "what are you talking about I don't have any bottles of water in my room". So this morning when I get up there is two empty bottles of water in the trash.

Just a feeling...

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Does anyone else have an insecurity when everything is quiet? I feel this is always the calm before the storm. My DH is really distant even from me. I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that sometimes he is talking to BM and just not telling me what is happening. I know it's not my place to tell him that he can't communicate with BM however, I do not trust her. She has contineously tried to sabotage my marriage and has no respect.

30 days of Summer hell...

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Yesterday was Day 1 of Summer hell and 29 days to go until the skids go back to BM's. I am sure now the skids know that DH doesn't have a job since he was home yesterday. I didn't ask if he told them because I really don't care. DH is really depressed and distant. He just wants to be left alone.

What is the appropriate way to deal with this?

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So skids are officially with us DH's summer visitation began as of Friday June 1st and he takes them back to BM's on July 1st. SS was already looking for things to tell BM. Asking DH if he was moving to Austin, Texas because we were looking at how far it would be if he got a job in Austin, Texas. He was trying to look over DH's shoulder at his computer. DH told him to go into his room. I asked DH why he even talks about this kind of stuff in front of SS. He said that he won't anymore. Then later on SS was trying to ask me questions about what we were looking at on DH's computer.

Unemployment figured out and welcome to my hell....

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So DH checked and unemployments holds back a week of benefits and BM will be getting $185 weekly. I see it coming now. The plethora of texts messages or phone calls will start rolling in asking DH why she isn't getting her CS because she needs that money for the kids. Skids will be here next week for thirty days. I have created a spreadsheet for every day meals and tried to make it meals that the skids like. But OSS complains about the way I cook so I told DH to have at it.

What do you think?

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So DH is still out of work and guess how much he is getting in unemployment after they take out CS $310 every two weeks. Who the hell can live on that? I know the kids have to be taken care of but it just isn't fair. I want to tell DH that he should leave the skids with BM for the summer since I am footing most of the bills right now. Of course if I ask DH to give up his visitation with kids it will be the end of the world for him. Am I wrong to even think to ask him to give up his visitation?

So tired....

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Yeah I think that I am done caring about whether my DH gets screwed over by BM or what his skids are doing or are getting away with. I am thinking that maybe when he finds a job that I should just leave then I wouldn't have to worry whether or not he is going to pay the bills that are in his name or if he is going to fill out the modification papers for CS and send them to the OAG. If he goes to jail for back CS why should I care since all I do is complain and be mean to him? I told him that I am done caring about his wife AKA BM, his kids or anything in his name.

BM just does whatever she wants!!

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So DH was calling the optometrist to get the prescription for SS's glasses yesterday and he was going to take him next week to pick some out. Then yesterday DH gets a text message from BM telling him that she bought SS's new glasses and that he needs to pay for them. After she made a big deal that DH needed to get SS new glasses since he lost them on his visitation time and DH was doing just that. So what was the point of telling DH to buy SS new glasses then not giving him the prescription and vision insurance information. Was it all just a game to her?

Just an update....

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So DH still doesn't have a job yet and is going to file modication papers with the OAG. Hell on earth starts next Friday for thirty days straight. Wait until the skids find out DH doesn't have a job and tell BM. DH let the skids have their cell phones back. I didn't say a word about that situation. But the minute I catch them doing something they aren't supposed to be doing I will take those phones and they will not be allowed to use them any longer. DH is supposed to be calling the optometrist to get SS's prescription so he can get him new glasses.