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Dear Lord give me the strength....

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So....I haven't blogged in a very long time but, everything has been quiet until yesterday. Apparently OSS texted my DH wanting to come over. This kid not only despises me but I am pretty sure he despises his own father as well because of all the crap that BM has filled his head with.

So I automatically think that BM just wants a break from the skids or OSS wants something.
When DH told me this he had told BM that he would not be taking his visitation until after everything went back to normal from all this COVID-19 crap. But he said that he wants to his the skids so I reminded him what we both agreed on that it was best that the skids stay with BM because works in a nursing home.

Well apparently he doesn't care so I told him that I was leaving until they went back to BM's. So that means he will have to actually be a father to them and take care of them. LOL But, sure enough I was right OSS wants to come over only because he wants DH to buy him something expensive. Like I said he only comes around and talks to my DH when he wants something. So I will be taking off to my camper in the middle of nowhere!


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Remember, it's not just until they are gone, but for two weeks after they are gone, in case they carried COVID-19 to DH.

In addition to not being there, make sure your money isn't there, either. Sure, keep the lights on so you don't take a hit to your credit score or lose the deposit, but food, gas, entertainment? DH can pay for all that out of his own money.

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Hey Tankh! I for one, have missed your blogs.

I hope you have a lovely time in the camper.

It makes me angry for you that your DH cares so little about you that he is willing to risk your life.

Hide your valuables. I seriously doubt DH will actually parent. I'm sure the home will be a wreck whenever you do decide to return.

In the meantime, I agree with LD that you should only do what it takes to preserve your own credit. Take any food you've bought with you in your camper, and stop paying for anything that doesn't affect your own credit.


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I remember youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Smile

Enjoy yourself and stay healthy !!!!!!!

I wonder now, if dh will pull the plug. You know since you will not be there...should prove interesting as it unfolds.

Take care of YOU, ok?


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and close the Bank Of Tank!

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I have missed you guys. Here's an update. Skids are staying with BM. Thank god but who cares what the reason why they aren't coming over is I am just glad I don't have to leave my house because of them.