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Idiots and my life

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I haven't been on here in awhile..I just started working from home however, the skids are supposed to come here for thirty straight days from July 17th until August 17th so I am going to dread working from home because they will be here. Even though they stay in their rooms most of the time whenever OSS wants to cook something he makes a crap load of noise and whenever he's bored he comes out here and talks his nonsense to whoever will listen to him which is usually DH.

So it really is going to be a struggle when they skids are here. MIL will also be coming for a week when they are here which means that BM and her will be talking and she will try to come over my house again and of course I am the bad guy for saying that I don't want the psycho anywhere near my house.

MIL doesn't even speak to me but admitted to me that she talks to BM quite often well because BM kisses her ass and I don't. I dread when I have to deal with DH's family for more than a couple of days so I will probably going to be staying with my family while the skids and MIL is here.

OSS has got worse with everything. He insults me every chance he gets and insults my family and says that my house isn't good enough. LOL I just look at him like he's stupid and walk off. I have come a long way in the four years I have been married to DH and dealing with the skids and MIL. I just hope I can keep on doing what I am doing however, some days are harder than others.


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Oy. That's a lot on your plate coming up. 

Is it unrealistic to talk to DH about boundaries when the kids and MIL are there, especially with you working from home. 

Alternatively, are you able to sneak out to Starbucks and work from there on days where you just can't tolerate it all?

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Tankh, your idea of staying with family for this upcoming month is the best idea.

It sounds like your home will be too toxic for you to be able to effectively focus on work and de stress after work.

Pack you bags and let DH handle his toxic tribe.

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I wouldn't let people come to my house that treat me like crap. Eff that. 

I hope you are able to go stay with family or a hotel or something. Ugh.