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Hey everyone..I've been thinking and I would love your Honest advice and thoughts

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I realized this would be the perfect place to come for the advice I need. A place where real people have actually dealt with difficult teenagers in real life, not someone who wrote a book about teenagers, who never had teenagers in their home!

Umm..Your suggestions on how I should handle this or not? *WARNING* TMI

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Okay ladies... This is something that really bothers me. I spoke to my mom about this and she agrees with me on this. I have never personally dealt with this before because our daughter is only 8. Soo here it goes...

SD12 just started her first period in December. I have talked to her about this and many many many other private things before this. I talked to her about pads and tampons. How they're used and how to dispose of them. We have even talked about shaving the bikini area. But remember..I'm the evil step mother and she refuses to speak to me.

What do you think?

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SD12 is in 7th grade. She is in honors Social studies and Honors English. Regular math, choir, and science. She is doing okay in her regular classes. But is failing the social studies and english. In 6th grade her teacher then suggested that she go into honors classes for Jr. High based on her scores from 6th grade. Now SD is in Jr. High and she has homework every single day. The homework part is very important here in this issue. Just an FYI: SD12 has never had real homework. From Kindergarten through 6th grade, SD brought home maybe a handful of assignments/projects.

For those of you who have siblings yourself or have bios of your own :)

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This is going to sound strange and mostly off topic, but... For those of you who have brothers or sisters or your own bio children; Is this normal? I am an only child so I have no clue.

DH and I have DD8 and DS5. And theres SD12. Now, SD12 has made it clear since DD's birth that she wasn't happy about it. Anyway.. DH has full custody of SD12.

^^Just info, now the real question and point lol Did you as a sibling or do your bios get upset if their sibling is upset? DD8 and DS5 are pretty close. They love each other very much and if one gets hurt, the other one gets upset.