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It's been months since I have posted. I don't know how I've made it through without ST

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I was looking back at my previous blogs and noticed that I haven't posted since the beginning of October! I've been lurking around though. I don't know how I'm still sane without venting here on ST!

I have so much pent up irritation regarding SD and even now with my DH. DH is usually not someone I would normally bitch about, but even he is irritating me! Quite a bit has happened over the months. I am still mostly disengaged and I must say it has helped. I used to worry so much about everything regarding SD12, but since I have backed off and let DH handle it, I am less stressed out. SD12 still rarely comes out of her room. She seriously acts like I'm some evil step monster who beats her and treats her like cinderella. Oh well. I know the truth.

SD is in 7th grade and will (maybe) be playing soccer at school. We were all sitting on the couch and her and DH were talking about soccer and SD basically whispered something about her games and the times of the games. Since I am the one who picks her up from school, I have a feeling I will be the one taking her to these future games. She said something about them and their times to DH and DH said "we will have to figure it out" and I'm sitting there thinking "No DH, I will have to figure it out because I will probably be her taxi" Normally I wouldn't mind doing this, but since I am the taxi around here, I should be included in a conversation regarding MY time. But I will handle that when the time comes Smile

Something else that really irritates me is SD and her homework. She is really struggling to keep her grades above a C. On the nights when she has English or Social Studies homework, she doesn't ask me for help when I am the one who is much better at those subjects than DH. SD12 will wait until DH gets home from work, which can sometimes not be until 8PM. I have even asked her many times if she has homework and if she needs/wants help. She always says no and she doesn't need help, but will ask DH when he gets home. I don't care that she would rather have DH help, what I care about is the fact that she is taking up so much of DH's time in the evenings that he isn't able to spend any time with our two children-DD8 and DS5. AND usually DH will call me into SD's room to ask my opinion on the English homework. He has gotten much better about explaining what to do to SD and then leaving her at it instead of sitting and watching/guiding her while she does it.

There is so much more for me to vent about, but thats enough for now Smile


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Could be. Shes acted like I'm the plague since she was 3 lol she has never warmed up to me and never will. Im fine with that now because i know ive tried to have a decent relationship with her.

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I agree with you. I have talked to DH about this. I have told him that we get home at 3:30ish and once her chores are done she is in her room from roughly 4 until after 6:30. Once she eats dinner between 6 and 6:30 she is back in her room with her books, binders and papers. I have offered her my help and have told DH that I will even have her sit in the kitchen at the table to work on her papers. I know that she is also f'ing around on her phone or ipod or whatever as well and have mentioned to DH that this is a problem as well. Not only is she NOT using her time wisely, she DOESN'T care. It doesn't matter how much you bitch to someone about something, if they don't care about it, it won't get done or if they don't have any type of consequences they will continue to do whatever it is they want. I have told him I am more than willing to enforce a rule about no phones, ipods, kindles, etc until homework has been done and I have checked it myself, but DH doesn't seem to want me to do that. I told him I can take her phone and Ipod until she has finished her homework, I told him I would take those items and put them on his dresser and HE can check her work when he gets home-that was a no go as well. Maybe he wants to coddle her IDK anymore.