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Ss18 calling Dh from jail...

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Dh did accept the first call but there was literally only 2 minutes on his card I guess so it got disconnected, but ss18 did confirm that he was incarcerated for having sex with a 14 year old. Since then he's tried to call Dh a few other times and Dh has just chosen not to answer.

Honestly I'm really glad. They were not even speaking prior to ss's arrest and my guess is that he is only calling hoping Dh could pay bond. He had his initial hearing yesterday and they did not give him bond, consequently ss has not called since.

I am having a hard time stopping myself...

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So I am turning to you fine ladies. Many of you know my ss17 is in Juvie- has been for about 6 months. Prior to that we hadn't seen him in like 3 years and 18 months of no verbal contact.

He is defiant, antisocial, and a pervert. He has victimized myself, my dd, bullied my ds mercilessly and threatened to kill him.

So I want nothing to do with the kid. For the past 3 years kid hasn't wanted anything to do with any of us. But he calls dh in January. With the jailhouse routine of how he's changed, blah, blah.

Read ss's letter to dh...

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He got one in the mail today. My dd13 got the mail, took a pic of it and sent it to me. Lol! Up until that point I do not believe she was aware they were corresponding. Of course it wasn't on the table like any other piece of mail dh leaves there. However, I know his hiding places and I just couldn't resist.


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To recap-ss16 is in detention. Dh and ss hadn't spoke in over 18 months until he was arrested when ss called saying he had changed. Of course dh was overjoyed.

Ss is not allowed here in our home for thousand of reasons- but they primarily boil down to my kids safety. I feel he has traumatized me and my children and want no contact whatsoever with him. That being said I understand that dh may feel differently and has the right to feel how he feels.

My tongue hurts...

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Because I constantly find myself biting it. To catch everyone up to speed, ss16 is in detention-he finally contacted dh after 18 months or so of not speaking to him. The couple years prior to that the only thing ss would say to dh is "hey can you buy me _________" and then eff off I never want to speak to you when dh would not buy him whatever he wants. Kid has lived with my inlaws for several years prior to his home in the detention center. Inlaws hate me. Dh has not spoke to them in a couple of years. Sil stole dh's identity and the rest of the inlaws took her side.

Long time no see

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Hi everybody! I used to come here quite often but not for awhile.

My ss16 does not reside with us nor visit. It had been almost 18 months since dh had even spoken to him- I haven't spoken to him in 2 yrs and 7 months. Ss lives with inlaws whom we also don't speak to.

I am tired of being everyone's punching bag...

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So dh and I've been together for 13 years. The entire time we have been married my inlaws have blamed me for all the wrongs in the world. Seriously. I am somehow to blame for the fact that my sil stole dh's identity and committed 14 felonies. I am to blame for the fact that dh no longer has contact with them. I am to blame for poor weather. I am to blame for every single bad thing my ss15 does. He lives with my inlaws for many many reasons. It is impossible for him to live here or visit here due to his sexually assaultive behavior towards my daughter.

Just when I think we are finally being left alone...

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It has been a hell of a week or two for me. My sister in law (on my side-the one I dearly love)has been on life support in the ICU. Her workplace, which also happens to be MY workplace, fired her while she was on life support. My brother, who can be quite plucky, got on facebook and smeared my workplaces name (who happens to be a nonprofit mental health center) and has about 5000 shares on it. My company has been getting random threats. They just so coincidentally also changed my job responsibilities this week which I am not happy about at all.