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Ss18 arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor...

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Haven't been on here for sometime- ss moved out of our home for good in 2012 and I haven't seen him face to face since. Dh has tried multiple times to have contact, which never works out.

And now he is sitting in jail. Not Juvie like the other times but real adult jail. Have many feelings about this. I feel validated as I've said the kid is a predator for years, now the state also agrees. I feel vindicated that he is being punished for his sexual misbehavior because he was not adequately punished for these while he was here. I feel guilty because I've known for years he is a predator and I didn't warn the world.I feel sad for Dh who he is finally coming to terms with the fact that he is never gonna have a relationship with this kid. I feel embarrassed and ashamed as this has been printed in our local paper- i am a therapist at a mental center- I wonder if people thinkmthisnis MY kid and I want to volunteer that he is not mine.


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Some people are mentally not there. Nothing anybody can do about that, you should know that. Yes you can drug them into a stupor, so they are so drugged they can't do anything. But you know that does not last either.
You should not be guilty . You did not creat him SM and DH did that. You can not fix what is broken. Nobody can. His life is going to be in jail, out of jail and most likely early death.
I know it's sad, lots of us had to deal with this in one form or another. It's just so hopeless.

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I'm so glad to "see" you again, but sorry for the circumstances. I remember your story well.

You can only do what you can do. That kid had faulty wiring to begin with, and then your toxic in laws practically groomed him to be a criminal. Their twisted family dynamic provided fertile ground for growing a predator. You did warn your DH and in laws, but it fell on deaf ears. You're a good mother who took action to keep him away from your biokids, and that's about all you could do. People that you interact with professionally won't judge you. They've seen it all and know that bad seeds occur in the best of families.

Your return is timely, as we've had a few other posters who have had to deal with skids who steal panties/underwear. (You may remember me comparing your SS to Roger Reese Kibbe, the serial killer known as the I-5 Strangler). One of the culprits is actually a female who stole her father's boxers! I thought of you as that story unfolded.

It would be great if you could make a blog post outlining your story. There are newer members who would greatly benefit from your experiences.

I hope your bios and DH are well. I'd love to see an update on them as well.