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UPDATE!!! (Well darn it! That didn’t last long.)

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Guess who DH is picking up tomorrow at 2pm? SD13. 

After talking with SD on Thursday he went a text to her and BM about SD coming to stay with us for 2 weeks. When he mentioned 2 weeks to SD during the phone call she said "I don't know if I can be away from my mom for that long. I've grown closer to her since I've been with her so much lately." Bad

“You have custody too, ya know.”

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DH shared this with me the other day. He told me that BM said this to him when she was trying to get SD13 out of her hair before the Stay At Home order went into effect. 

I tried not to LOL but I couldn't help it. He laughed a little and said that he could use that to his advantage in the future if needed. 

 Yes BM, DH does have custody - joint legal custody. You BM, have physical custody.

SD, BM, and CoronaCarelessness

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DH's visitation time with SD13 came and went this week and neither DH nor BM made an attempt to make it happen. And honestly, I'm thankful. 

SD texted DH on Tuesday at like 4am telling DH that he should go and buy the new Star Wars movie so that she can come over and watch it. I know she was excited because DH hasn't seen it yet, but the way it was worded, and then the way she spoke to him on the phone later, it just came off in not the greatest way. Sorry for her, it's only available for digital download and we're not buying it yet. 

Reason #2837 my SD13 hates me - a vent

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Because I sternly told her to turn off the car that she started in the closed garage.

I then motioned for her to open the door so I could inform her that doing so results in carbon monoxide poisoning. Which she then mumbled something about doing it all the time. *eyeroll*

*cue sarcasm* This is going to be a fun weekend. 

Progress - maybe (I’m not getting my hopes up)

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Just dropped SD13. The weekend wasn’t awful. Just typical skid junk. I say typical, but it needs to not be typical. 

DH said she had a great time with him at the football game on Friday. She even told him not to let her sleep too late on Saturday. We were both shocked at this!

He managed to get her up on Saturday and we went for breakfast. Afterward she fell asleep on the couch. I thought it was ironic but I didn’t care too much. I was busy playing with DD and DH was busy doing housework (I love him so much for that!).

Did he really just say that? - a vent

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DH is supposed to have SD tomorrow and gave her the deadline of 9pm to let him know if she has other plans (with friends). He called her and let her know that she would have to spend a little bit of time in after school care since he couldn’t get across town until 4 at the earliest. She said something about checking with BM. (This is where I think DH should have just called BM to start with, even though he avoids talking to BM.) I also think she gave him a cop out answer since she doesn’t like to go to after school care.