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Anyone else feel the funk?

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I think I've realized this before, but I'm really feeling it today. Anytime SD is here, I get in such a funk. 

I try to disengage, but it's hard. And I'm a just enough of a people person that I can't just ignore someone in my own house, especially when they have an effect on what happens in my house. 

I really hope she goes home today, but seeing as it's almost 6pm and there's been no mention of a drop off time, she's probably staying another night. Oh goody (sarcasm).

BM, you so silly!

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DH came to me this morning and said BM called. I know when he says this, it's never good. 

SD's practice this week got changed from all day/all week to 3 hours/2days a week. BM told DH that she planned her work schedule around SD's original schedule, so she didn't know how she was going to get her to and from practice. BM had the audacity to ask DH if he could get her to and from practice. 

Moving again

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After SD told DH about what a great time she had at practice and how she didn't know why she was so nervous (yay!) [see previous blog], she told DH some "bad news". I don't think she knew I was in the car, or maybe she did and didn't care. She told DH that they were being "kicked out" of their house and had to move again. Apparently the owner is selling the house. DH thinks the agreement was that BM and her crew could live there until the owner (a supposed family member) wanted to sell the house. Apparently this has happened before. 

So were you gonna tell me?

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Just venting...

DH wanted to get SD14 for a couple days before she starts her practices at school. He planned to get her Sunday since he knew she would want to be at BM's for fireworks on the 4th. 

The plan was to get her Sunday morning. Well, BM texts and said that SD wanted a later pick up time. We figured that she had just woken up and wasn't ready to go and needed to do laundry. Hours go by and BM texts saying that SD's phone isn't working and she's taking her to the phone store, but BM has to work so picking up SD isn't going to work. 

Well wishes from BM

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BM texted "Happy Father's Day" to DH. Bad

DH's birthday was about a week before that and she texted him something like "I know it's late but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I was getting hell about it from your daughter." That's not word for word, but that's the main idea. Bad

Thought consuming and need to get it out

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I just need to vent. 

DH was helping SD in preparation for her high school activities. (I know this sounds weird, but I’m trying not to divulge too much telling info.) I could hear them from the other room where I was with DS. DH was starting to wrap things up when (At 8:30pm) SD said she wanted to go to her Aunt’s because BM was sleeping there that night. 

What a joke!

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SD had her awards/graduation ceremony yesterday. DH said she received a perfect attendance award. Apparently you can rack up 43 tardies before school closed because of Covid (some tardies where she was 30 minutes late) but since to didn't have any absences here's an award for you! DH has already told SD that it will be different next year with high school and that there will be no excuse. SD seems to think it won't be a problem since she lives 5 minutes away from the high school.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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SD14 has been staying with us on and off since the stay-at-home orders started in March. (That's a different story.) We (SD, DH, and I) have had a couple talks and things haven't been horrible. We'll end up having a good week, but a day or so before she goes back to BM's, it's like she's trying to sabotage the good time she had with us by having a sh*tty attitude. 

 Does this happen to anyone else? 

“Ex-Stepmom” - this gave me a chuckle (and an eyeroll)

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In the car today, SD14 was on the phone with someone (maybe BM or maybe a friend). I hear her say with a laugh "Ex-Stepdad, that's a funny thing to say." Who knows what she was talking about, but then I hear her say "so it's like ex1 and ex2 are my Ex-Stepmoms! Hahaha!"

Ex1 and 2 she is referring to are my DH's exes, before SD's mom (yeah, I know, my DH has been married a lot). SD clearly doesn't understand how this stepmom thing works. 

UPDATE!!! (Well darn it! That didn’t last long.)

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Guess who DH is picking up tomorrow at 2pm? SD13. 

After talking with SD on Thursday he went a text to her and BM about SD coming to stay with us for 2 weeks. When he mentioned 2 weeks to SD during the phone call she said "I don't know if I can be away from my mom for that long. I've grown closer to her since I've been with her so much lately." Bad