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Progress - maybe (I’m not getting my hopes up)

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Just dropped SD13. The weekend wasn’t awful. Just typical skid junk. I say typical, but it needs to not be typical. 

DH said she had a great time with him at the football game on Friday. She even told him not to let her sleep too late on Saturday. We were both shocked at this!

He managed to get her up on Saturday and we went for breakfast. Afterward she fell asleep on the couch. I thought it was ironic but I didn’t care too much. I was busy playing with DD and DH was busy doing housework (I love him so much for that!).

Did he really just say that? - a vent

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DH is supposed to have SD tomorrow and gave her the deadline of 9pm to let him know if she has other plans (with friends). He called her and let her know that she would have to spend a little bit of time in after school care since he couldn’t get across town until 4 at the earliest. She said something about checking with BM. (This is where I think DH should have just called BM to start with, even though he avoids talking to BM.) I also think she gave him a cop out answer since she doesn’t like to go to after school care. 

Braces, Contacts, and High School - oh my!

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More in the SD13 saga. I posted a few blogs ago about our lice bonding moment. Well, that’s what it was - a moment. I don’t think we barely spoke a word to each other when she was with us this last weekend. This is a novel and I’m not sure what I’m asking for with this post. Just some place to just let it all out.


SD has been talking non-stop about getting braces. She would mention it to DH like it was the newest thing that she had to have because “all my friends have braces.” Barf. 

Boo hoo hoo

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We have SD13 this weekend (even though it’s BM’s weekend) because DH wants to “have her as much as possible.” 

I got home from work around 5:30 and SD asks DH if she can go to a football game with her friends tonight. DH doesn’t have a problem with this except that it’s in a neighborhing town at least 30 minutes away (one way). He does have a problem with driving her there. 

Nows she’s sulking around the house and trying to work something out because DH is fine with taking her there if someone else can get her home (or vice versa). 

UPDATE to 45 tardies

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If you need the first installment, it’s in my last blog post. So here’s the update:

It left off with DH texting BM about the tardies and how she needs to get SD to school on time. BM never responded and that’s not because she didn’t get the text (she’s played that game before). DH knew she didn’t have anything to say, aka, couldn’t make up a good enough lie/excuse. 

45 tardies....I know I shouldn’t care so much

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DH and I both know that BM can’t get SD to school on time, but didn’t know just how often this was happening. 

DH lets me look at the messages the school leaves on their online system. I was looking around and saw “attendance.” From January to May (when school is basically over), SD had 45 recorded tardies. 45!