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What a joke!

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SD had her awards/graduation ceremony yesterday. DH said she received a perfect attendance award. Apparently you can rack up 43 tardies before school closed because of Covid (some tardies where she was 30 minutes late) but since to didn't have any absences here's an award for you! DH has already told SD that it will be different next year with high school and that there will be no excuse. SD seems to think it won't be a problem since she lives 5 minutes away from the high school. This from the same girl that just told DH that she needs someone to wake her up, after she finally rolled out of bed at 1:30 in the afternoon even though DH tried to wake her up two separate times. *eyeroll*

 On an unrelated but slightly humorous/yet sad note. DH said that SD has a nickname for BM:  Corona. BM is a smoker (that she tries to hide from SD). During both ceremonies, BM did some pretty nasty sounding coughing. To the point that people were bristling and looking at her (thank goodness everyone were wearing masks). After BM's coughing fit, SD says "Corona!" I personally don't like that SD says that because it's not a joke AND my 4yo said it a couple of times after hearing big sis. But when it comes to BM, I can't help but chuckle a little. Oh well, call me a b***h. Oh! AND BM tried to go and talk to another mom and she got scolded for not social distancing and told to sit back down. 


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Bm paid all the kids $100 each to not give her any trouble about going to school and the girls were truant for 2 years straight.  Like truancy court truant. And I'm sure there will be truancy court again in 2 years. But...even though all the abscesnces happened on BM days, its all their dad's fault b/c he "abuses" them. Mega eye roll here.

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Believe me, I'm using BM as a guide of what not to do as a mom!  And the more I hear about how the school system is going downhill the more I fear for my daughter's future education.