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Moving again

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After SD told DH about what a great time she had at practice and how she didn't know why she was so nervous (yay!) [see previous blog], she told DH some "bad news". I don't think she knew I was in the car, or maybe she did and didn't care. She told DH that they were being "kicked out" of their house and had to move again. Apparently the owner is selling the house. DH thinks the agreement was that BM and her crew could live there until the owner (a supposed family member) wanted to sell the house. Apparently this has happened before. 

 This will be the 4th house they will have moved out of since DH and I have been together (just over 6 years). 

DH thinks they'll have to move into an apartment. But who knows how long BM would keep up with the rent. And BM's "boyfriend" that SD wants gone apparently moved out finally. You know he paid for some things, as well as BM's BS24.

I know I vent about SD a lot but I do feel for her in this case. It sucks that she's had to move this much in a short span of time. Hopefully BM will be smart and stay in the city she's in so SD can stay at her new school. I have a feeling that BM moves to wherever she can find a "deal," aka a family member she can mooch from. 


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I just found out GD12 will be moving again.  My SS53 and his wife are separated and GD12 is the youngest.  She is starting 7th grade and I think this is the 5th school she has attended.  But SS53 is an exceptional parent and so is XDIL.  Just circumstances.  Luckily, GD12 seems like a calm, nice girl so I think all will be ok.

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when we were kids.   Builds character!   Anyway I decided not to do that so much with my bios.  

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My BS attended 5 schools, too, due to my divorce.  I must have cried a gallon of tears since it was my fault.  Flash forward, and he can make friends anywhere and handles change easily.  But i noticed his daughter was in the same school all 12 years.....

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I understand. In 7 years, BM and the boys (and BM's boy toys) have moved from GBM's house to being homeless and hopping from house to hotel, then into a crappy apartment, then to a slightly nicer-turned-crappy bigger apartment, then to get another apartment that the rent is twice my mortgage payment that BM could not afford if it weren't for her new DH.

I feel bad for the boys because every time they move, they have to leave things behind. Toys, games, clothes, furniture - something never makes it to the next house. As glad as I am that they're in a nicer place now, I still am always waiting for that other shoe to drop where they can't afford it, BM or her DH do something that gets them evicted, etc. The only stability is the instability.

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I know it can build character, but even though BM has had to move her and SD this many times, SD has stayed at the same school from PreK until finishing this last school year (8th grade). And with these moves, SD lived farther and farther away from DH and her school but BM kept her there "because it's what SD wanted so she could be with her friends" Pleasantry and so BM could keep up the "good mom" persona while "working" at the school. It will be interesting to see if BM tries to keep ties at SD's old school or if she'll try and get in at SD's new school (I doubt the latter because they wouldn't pay her).

I also think that by keeping her at that school so long as well as not getting her involved in activities outside of that school hindered her character, since mommy was there with her all the time. But hopefully with SD going to high school and the positive first experience she had at practice, she'll realize that she can do things without mommy (and daddy to an extent) being there. 

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My SD's BM moved many, many times when SD (now 29) was young. I can't even count exactly how many, but I think it was an average of every 2 years and I've been with DH since SD was 5. I'm pretty sure she got evicted, a lot. In between rentals, she would move back in with her mom and step dad. I also felt bad for my SD, for the lack of stability.

SD, as an adult, picked up the same habit.

I have only lived in 2 places since I moved out of my dad's house (my first rented apartment and now my own house). I don't know if I missed out on some character building, but I hate moving!