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BM, you so silly!

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DH came to me this morning and said BM called. I know when he says this, it's never good. 

SD's practice this week got changed from all day/all week to 3 hours/2days a week. BM told DH that she planned her work schedule around SD's original schedule, so she didn't know how she was going to get her to and from practice. BM had the audacity to ask DH if he could get her to and from practice. 

Now before you wonder why this is such a big deal, let me tell you. We live about 40 minutes one-way (with good traffic) away from BM's house. BM's house is literally a half mile away from where SD's practice is. 

I pointed out to DH how silly it would be to drive down there (in rush hour traffic) take SD the half mile and then what for three hours until it's done? He thought he would just stay for practice. Dude! She's in high school now, you're not going to hang out at her practice for three hours! AND, if BM made her work schedule around SD's original schedule, how was she going to pick her up at the end if she can't do it now? (The end times for practices didn't change, btw).

I think I finally got through to DH. I told him that if BM or SD's brother can't do it, SD needs to contact someone else going to practice, or BM needs to contact the director and let him know. There are ways around this. And yes, SD could walk there. I get not wanting her to walk home when it's getting dark, but she could definitely walk TO practice.

*insert huge eyeroll*



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She's in high school, she can walk. Doesn't get dark around here until 8:00.  BM can rearrange her work schedule to pick her up at 8. She wants him to drive 40 minutes to take her a HALF MILE? Sheesh. Get the girl a bike.

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Yep. Walking would take 7 minutes for a half-mile, biking would take 3.5 minutes. I biked 7 miles to get to and from Little League, so I certainly wasn't in high school yet.

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Seriously, what the heck? I hate to be that old person, but I really did walk 1.5 miles each way to school in high school. If I'd asked my mother to drive me .5 miles she'd have looked at me like I grew an extra head.

Unless she's carrying a full gear bag of hockey equipment, she can walk or bike a half mile. And even then ... figure it out.

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Yeah, she's a big girl now, she can walk. 

I flat out told DH that if he did this for her, BM was going to expect him to do it all the time. 

 And what's going to happen when school starts? I should just relax, sit back, and grab the popcorn. But let's be real, if it's going to impact what's going on at or house (DH and I have 2 little ones), I'm going to speak up. 

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And 2 miles was the cut off to be able to get the bus. I lived on the wrong side of the street to get the bus. Really. The kids across the street took the bus. It made the corner past my house. But, I could beat it home walking.

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There was a 2 mile cut off for bussing when I was in high school too. I think I could have ridden the city bus, but didn't do that. 

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Unless SD and BM live in the southern hemisphere of the planet, it shouldn't get dark until after 8pm. Yes. SD needs to catch a ride from someone else on the team or hoof it.

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Surely this high schooler has friends that are also on her team?? I mean, they LIVE on their phones these days...tell her to text a friend for a ride. Too bad you're the only one in this scenario with any common sense.

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And yes, she's fit enough. 

I don't know about her school, but kids can actually get PE credit for participating.