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o.t Followed in the store

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Blood boiling right now. Im a short tan Italian woman minding my own business trying to find a cute blouse and a pair of shoes. As I'm skimming the isles i notice this woman with a basket following me. She was dressed in regular clothes holding a shopping basket. After she followed me to the third isle I started getting irritated. I asked if if there was a problem. She said no and kept following me. After I pay for my stuff and start to leave she stops me and asks to check my purse abd recipt. I tried to keep calm. I asked her what the problem was. She said suspicious behavior.

Some people have no class. EW!

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Some people have no class or self respect. I was picking up some onions for dinner when two women come beside me. One picks up an onion and goes " ew girl this smell like yo p*ssy". They act like their not in public.

" girrrl please my p*ssy be smellin like a rose. Not like you funky ass snatch*

I grabbed my onions and left that store quick fast and in a hurry. Didn't even want to hear the rest of their convo. SMH. Pretty sure those are someones BMs. what the hell?

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Have you guys heard about this mess? DH saw it on a youtube video and told me about it. I went and checked out the site. Fake pregnancy test, ultra sound pictures and The site makes i sound a great gag joke. But who are they trying top fool. Ther e are crazy women out there who will use this crap to try and trap some poor guy. Like make him think she is already pregnant so he'll have un protected sex with her thinking she is already pregnantt and get her pennant for real.

Anyone want a glass? Its a f*ck this sh*t party!

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Raise your glass if your worked your ass off to help raise kids that aren't
yours. You did everything you could for them yet get none of the credit none of the praise. No it goes to the dumb bitch who didn't do shit but live off your DH's money and screw up her own damn life. Only there for her damn self but still gets all the damn praise.

Raise your glass if you ever went out of your way to be kind and loving even when they where little brats. Just for them to twist the danger in your back and go talk sh*t and spread lies about you.

SD16 taking naked selfies while I'm watching her kid!

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I'm in a highly pissed off state right now. I have the day off. So I thought id be nice and watch after step grandson. Give SD16 a chance to sleep in and have a day to herself. I walk up to her room to get a pack of wipes for step grand. Her door was so I thought I would tiptoe in and queitly grab the wipes not to disturb her rest. I push the door open slighty. This chick posing in the bed almost completly nude snaping pics on her phone. I went off! I slammed the door shut and told her get her ass dressed and meet me downstairs.

BM's sister spit in my face and I put hands

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She shows up somewhere she wasn't invited and starts running her mouth. Spewing crap at DH and I about how we treated SD18. SD18 must have been making up lies to get attention because we have been loving her through her problems. I have a hard time holding my tongue. I tried and I tried. I told her to mind her own. She came at me and had to be held back. I tried to leave she followed me to my car. She was trying to hold the door from me being able to get in DH had to go around and pull her back.

OT/ I hate you DH. Made me snort laughter during a meeting

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Hopefully our immaturity can brighten your day. I was in a meeting 2 hours ago when DH decides to text me and I stupidly decide to check it.

DH: I saw this wrap that lifts boobs.

ME: What's that suppose to mean? F*ck you!

DH: Really? about time! I'll be in bed in my pink thong rubbing syrup on my nipples waiting for you.

Me: I'm in a meeting

DH: sorry forgot well you know where to find me after. I'm waiting Wink -thong snap-

OT? Cat's freak me out!

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My sister came to visit and brought her white Persian cat. I woke up to it sitting in my bed staring at me it's eyes glowing. It scared the piss out of me and I fell out of bed. DH woke up laughing and carried the cat back to the living room. My doobies are afraid of it and my jack Russell just barks at it every time she gets near him. I am just not a cat person cats freak me out.

She is always just staring at me with this intense look. Everyone thinks I am paranoid but this cat is freaking me out. She is sitting there just staring at me as I type.