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Some people have no class. EW!

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Some people have no class or self respect. I was picking up some onions for dinner when two women come beside me. One picks up an onion and goes " ew girl this smell like yo p*ssy". They act like their not in public.

" girrrl please my p*ssy be smellin like a rose. Not like you funky ass snatch*

I grabbed my onions and left that store quick fast and in a hurry. Didn't even want to hear the rest of their convo. SMH. Pretty sure those are someones BMs.


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If your "smack madam" (old southern grandma's term) smells like onions or garbage of any kind time to visit the clinic . You should have directed them to the feminine product aisle with a serious concerned face I would have.. }:) nasty heifers.

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I have noticed this more and more. People saying things (usually very loudly) that just makes you look stupid to say at all, much less in public.