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O.T? Teacher cuts students hair . What would you do?

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I was watching this youtube video from a few years back. A first grade teacher cut off a students braid because she kept playing with her hair after being asked to stop. here is a link to the video I really got my blood boiling.

You all might not agree with my methods. If my daughter came home and said the teacher cut her hair and I went up to the school and the teacher confirmed it. Well lets just say I would be the one on the news. I know violence isn't the answer but if you touch my kids in anyway you've signed the slip for an ass beating. I consider cutting her hair as assault. I always tell my daughter's teachers if she is acting up write it in her planner or call me. Let me know so I can handle it. You can put her in the corner or make her skip recess fine but don't put your hands on my kid. Sorry I have a 7 year old so this hits home for me. Rant over.

What would you do?


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Hm...maybe she could've handed the kid a hair net and told her she had to tuck her braid inside it so she'd stop playing with it?\

Not cool to go cutting a kid's hair. That's kind of psycho.

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I would cut the teachers hair.

My mom took great pride in my long braids. I have difficult hair most people would cut or straighten. I loved it long (when I didn't have to do it lol) and she would have been PISSED if a teacher did this.

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Ah, I remember this when it happened.

I'm not advocating what the teacher did was right.... however, the kid was being a total pain in the ass.

She was flipping her head constantly and the beads were clacking back and forth. She was told several times to stop and she did not.

Also, it's not her real hair. It's a braided in extension. Her Momma can braid in a new one.

The teacher should have sent her to the principal's office or something. But I can totally relate to being exasperated with that kid clanking her dread lock beads.

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How do you know it wasn't her real hair?

If it wasn't, how do you know the teacher didn't cut her real hair?

What the hell are dread lock beads????

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Because there was a huge thread on it on another forum I go to. There were more in depth stores on it. This news story is old.

Dreadlock beads are the beads on the end. They protect the rubber band on the bottom of the braid and keep it from breaking or rolling off, thus unraveling the extension.

They may have used real human hair in her braided extensions...? She would have to have some of her hair braided into the extensions.

I can't stand how everyone is making this kid out to be a helpless victim. The teacher was at her wits end with her.

Sure, what the teacher did was wrong and she should be (and was) punished for it, but gawd, give her a break. She has to work with back-sassing, spoiled kids all day and I'm sure the clacking of those damn beads got on her last nerve. She's only human too.

You couldn't pay me enough to be a teacher these days.

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I know what beads are. I know to braid. I've worn plenty of braids both natural and extensions.

I have never heard of dread loc beads.

It's damn near impossible to know where the real hair ends when extensions are used. When I take my braids out, I have to be careful that I'm not cutting my hair. There's no way that teacher took her time and looked closely to ensure that she wasn't cutting her real hair. :?
Even if she did take her time, she had no business doing what she did.

Yes, the CHILD was helpless victim. If she were my daughter, I would not rest until I got my hands on the idiot teacher.

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Did you watch the video? That little girl has run of the mill, simple, solid colored beads in her hair. The beads she's wearing are not the ones worn on dreads.

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Extensions are great for time management. If it's done properly, the braids can stay in for a long time. The style will last longer than if you just braid the natural hair.

If the hair is damaged, keeping it in braids can help repair it.
Braids help with growth( if they aren't too tight).

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And I'm not Marietta. I'm MarriedaBallessWonder.