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o.t Followed in the store

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Blood boiling right now. Im a short tan Italian woman minding my own business trying to find a cute blouse and a pair of shoes. As I'm skimming the isles i notice this woman with a basket following me. She was dressed in regular clothes holding a shopping basket. After she followed me to the third isle I started getting irritated. I asked if if there was a problem. She said no and kept following me. After I pay for my stuff and start to leave she stops me and asks to check my purse abd recipt. I tried to keep calm. I asked her what the problem was. She said suspicious behavior.

Are you kidding me she was following me within 2 minutes of me bieng in the store. How was i acting suspicious? I let her check my bag and went to leave she pushed me back and asked me to empty my pockets before i could leave. I feel pissed off and humiliated. I will never shop there again.


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If she is private security hired by the store than she is not allowed to touch you.... I would have called the police! When I worked at a store years ago the security had to wait until you were out of the store to stop you too.. but that could have been a NY thing. Also... if they made a 'false stop' then they ended up pretty much losing their job.

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I would have been calling the cops and filing battery charges since she laid her hands on you and pushed you.

Loss prevension clerks do not have the right to detain in most states, sure do not have the right to touch you in any way.

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"Am I being detained? No? Then you may not check my purse or my bags or my receipt. You may not touch me. Go ahead and call the police. You will save me the trouble of calling them myself." Then call your local news station. Make sure you get names.

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I hate this shit. I get followed frequently. I look younger than I am and I am black. Idk which is the reason that I look so "suspicious"

I told a lady once that I may only be 22 but I make more in a month than she does in a year and if I want to buy this whole rounder I will and she could quit following me.

Pissed me off because I've never stolen a thing in my life.

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I had the same thing happen to me a long time ago. So embarrassing.

You need to go back to the store and talk to a manager. Tell them that you were humiliated and traumatized and you want a number to there corporate office and you want the name of everyone there. Plus you want a copy of any video tape. (Tell them it is for your lawyer).

Maybe they will pay you a few bucks to back off. lol

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Thanks . I sure will. DH is going with me. I'm not feeling well so i didn't lose my sh*t and start going off at the mouth like my usual hot tempered self. But DH is a different story. He takes action. He will make sure every and anybody hears about this.

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It was a huge shock to be treated without basic decency. Of course that person was out-of-line and wrong. I truly hope you weren't profiled for being non-white, or a woman, or whatever. But I hope you go back and get your voice heard on this. It's not over yet.

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It's sad that many loss prevention associates profile shoppers. Honestly, those who steal the most in the USA, are white middle aged women. They are also the ones who do the most shopping of any race. So there is that.

File as many complaints to as many people as you can.